Italian heritage, cherry red with the hint of a golden yellow, and an iconic logo, that will live on forever. So why do we love Momo so much? Maybe it's the soft suede steering wheels, or that seat you've always dreamed of having, or maybe it comes down to how awesome Momo race cars have looked over the years... [read more]
Before reading on, just take another look at the car above. It's the red that makes your adrenaline climb, and your cheeks turn red. Yellow accents highlighting the famed MOMO. It's an automatic image in your head, think to yourself, do you ever ponder or question what the MOMO logo really looks like in your head. That's part of the reason MOMO is more then just another average motorsports company.

MOMO screams Italian, without even showing a hint of tradition colors. It speaks to you, in a way other motorsports iconic images don't. With the Ferrari 333sp put aside; Porsche is and continues to be one of their main callings. When you think MOMO in Motorsports, images come to your head like bringing smiles to the brain; 935, Whale Tale, 962, and 911.

Until recent times, Porsche was almost their one and only, but tradition has crept back into them going with two 458's this year in PWC. But still, do you ever for a moment think that MOMO doesn't look good on any car?

The secret is simple. Tradition, high quality products, comfort and quality, and most importantly image. MOMO puts themselves on their own pedestal. Every car they ever sponsor, and support has been top dollar in looks and in quality. Nothing junky, nothing crazy, it's pure like water. Always showing that same exact image, that same logo, that same look that has been in place for years. It's a magnetic field, they're marketing and branding is none other in the motorsports accessories world. Us people are all of the fragments of metal in the rear end of Momo, and we all migrate to the plug magnet. They don't disappoint and remain an image and icon in the motorsports community. They have and always will be, if quality, comfort, and IMAGE all follow tradition.

Check out their facebook page, and get your blood pumping almost every day with exciting videos and pictures. MOMO SlowMo is what they call it, and it never disappoints. High class, high value, high love from everyone.

Editorial: Austin Bradshaw

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