When boasting a 26B Twin Turbo Four Rotor engine, it's going to make a little noise..... Mad Mike makes his return, after 5 years, to Formula Drift. Giving the fans a real show all weekend... [read more]

Mad Mike has been building, drifting, and driving some of the craziest Mazdas around. And he does it all with the famed Rotary Engine. The Brap Brap idle, the amazing sputter when on the rev limiter, screaming pitches exploding from the exhaust, and of course your classic spit of fire when shifting.

Mike's latest project is bigger and better then most anything he has ever done, putting a 4 rotor 26B into an MX5 miata. Did we forget to mention it's a twin turbo putting out around 1,200 horsepower. 6 speed sequential gearbox, with interchangeable gears. 

5 years later, Mad Mike made his return to Formula Drift at Road Atlanta for round 2 of the series. Advancing to the Top 16, Mike went up against Forrest Wang having to make 4 runs after an almost picture perfect run by both Mike and Forrest on their first two runs. To start their 3rd run Mike led having an almost flawless run putting a gap between him and Forrest. However on run number two, Forrest also led a flawless run l with Mad Mike in a close toe until the horse shoe when Mike slid wide and ends up over correcting, losing momentum. In the end Forrest got the win, but Mike gave the fans a real show. 

Editorial: Austin Bradshaw

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