From our friends at Axis of Oversteer, check out the 'chin cam' from senior F1 driver, David Coulthard, as he runs practice at the Autódromo José Carlos Pace. The final round of the 2008 season will see a green flag this sunday (8:30am PST on Speed), and what better a way to preview the course then to ride along with DC, attached to his chin?! // 11.01.2008


With the final round of the 2008 Formula One season right around the corner, we thought we’d shed some light on where F1 intends to end its 2009 season. For the last few years, Brazil marked the end of the F1 calendar, and often the end of the line for title hopes. But next year, Brazil is marked to be the penultimate round, with the inaugural Abu Dhabi Grand Prix taking it’s spot at the end of the calendar. A handful of Formula One teams had a chance to preview the track this week, via digital recreations and scale models, and thus far, are pleased with what they see. Designed by the same gentleman behind the Bahrain, Sepang and Valencia tracks, Abu Dhabi’s new circuit has everything we would expect from a Middle East venue, loads of overkill. The new course will run through a hotel, incorporate a pit lanes that runs under the track, and will feature an impressive 20 turns, not to mention being surrounded by ‘Ferrari World.’ Sitting waterside at the Yas Island Marina, next years final round should be an impressive one... // 11.01.2008


All this Nissan business and nothing vintage, what a shame... So to remedy the situation, we thought we'd feature a bit of Datsun love for this weeks Eye Candy. Check out this wild 510 coupe. Powered by a 450bhp rotary motor (according to the photo notes) and weighing in at a feather-weight 2000lbs, we can only imagine... Photo comes courtesy of Eric Castro // 11.01.2008


Wrapping up our Nissan/SEMA preview, and following closely behind yesterday’s coverage of Nissan’s latest Z, here is an early preview of what the boys at Nismo have planned for the forthcoming 370Z. Suspension, brake and aerodynamic upgrades are expected, though no official word on what exactly, but we would assume names like Brembo will be in the mix. Performance enhancements will be slim to none, as Nismo is known more for their handling characteristics, leaving the under-hood tuning to guys like COBB and Amuse. We like what we see, but again, we were hoping for a more dramatic change in the Z, not all these subtle upgrades... Your thoughts? // 11.01.2008


Ahh, more GT-R’s. This time, we’re taking a look at Vivid Racing’s addition to the R35 GT-R collection expected at SEMA. Riding on Eibach springs and a set of Capital forged wheels wrapped in Pirelli rubber, the Vivid GT-R is yet another Nissan we are looking forward to seeing at SEMA. A Meisterschaft titanium exhaust helps Godzilla breathe, while tuning upgrades courtesy of COBB add an additional 30 ponies to the rear wheels. If you are attending SEMA, look for Vivid’s creation at the Toyo Tires booth // 11.01.2008


With Nissan’s new GT-R having been released this year, we were sure SEMA would see a handful. Of the numerous R35 Nissan’s expected to attend, the Mobil 1 GT-R stood out a bit. Ben Schaffer is responsible for the build, and according to our friends at MotorAuthority, his intentions were to build a car more powerful and more capable then what Nismo was producing, with their yet released Spec-V. Painted in a Midnight Purple (only available in Japan), the Mobil 1 GT-R features plenty of carbon-fiber (hood, decklid, and even the roof), as well as a Powerhouse Amuse rear wing. Performance upgrades come in the way of a COBB Tuning ECU upgrade, as well as a full turbo-back exhaust system courtesy of Amuse. Slowing things down is a set of six piston calipers from Endless. All in all, a GT-R we are looking forward to seeing more of // 11.01.2008


We passed this video around the office today, and watched as everyone went silent for a moment, each enjoying a bit of personal space, in a day otherwise filled with phone calls, emails and, yeah, ok, a little GT:5 Prolouge, just a little. If we had to choose but one piece of automotive tomfoolery, the E30 M3 would certainly qualify. Lightweight chassis, 200+bhp NA four cylinder, proper seats, tight gearbox... the list goes on. Maybe that can be our next project? We'll work on the Senna model for now, get back to you on the M3 rally car idea... // 10.31.2008


They are calling it the Lotus 2-Eleven. We call it a roofless Elise with a bit of Jim Clark flair. Which ever you choose, what it really is, is a mid-mounted, 250bhp, supercharged four, that maintains the same power to weight ratio as Jim Clark's famous F1 car. No roof necessary. Currently being hand built by a UK Lotus dealer in preparation for The Performance Motor Show, rumor has it, they are currently working on an Exige model, said to have more of the go-fast and less of the weight. Good idea. We’ll add this one to our ‘wish they’d import, shame they never will’ list... // 10.31.2008


Just got an email from the guys at Formula D and thought we'd share the goods with our readers. As you may know, our Northwest correspondent Russell O'Connell, is headed to Long Beach to cover the Red Bull World Drifting Championship, as well as NW native Victor Moore's attempt at an FD license. We knew there would be a handful of EDC drivers on hand (see Bavarian Drift Works), as well as the top 16 from Formula D, but the driver list had a few holes in it, until today...

The Red Bull Drifting World Championship Entry List : :

1. Tanner Foust - Formula DRIFT - 2007 & 2008 Formula DRIFT Champion
2. Samuel Hubinette - #2 in 2008 FD, 2004 & 2006 FD Champion
3. Rhys Millen - #3 in 2008 FD, 2005 FD Champion
4. Daijiro Yoshihara - #4 in 2008 FD
5. Chris Forsberg - #5 in 2008 FD
6. Michihiro Takatori - #6 in 2008 FD
7. Vaughn Gittin, Jr. - #7 in 2008 FD
8. Conrad Grunewald - #8 in 2008 FD
9. Robbie Nishida - #9 in 2008 FD
10. Ryuji Miki - #10 in 2008 FD
11. Darren McNamara - #11 in 2008 FD, 2004 D1GP Champion
12. Stephan Verdier - #12 in 2008 FD, 2006 Pro Drift Champion
13. Ken Gushi - #13 in 2008 FD
14. Bill Sherman - #14 in 2008 FD
15. Justin Pawlak - #15 in 2008 FD
16. Kyle Mohan - #16 in 2008 FD
17. Katsuhiro Ueo - 2002 D1GP Champion
18. Daigo Saito - 2008 D1GP Champion
19. Garry Whitter - 2008 D1NZ Champion
20. Fredrick Girard - 2008 DMCC Champion
21. Luke Fink - 2008 Drift Australia 2nd Place
22. Leighton Fine - 2008 Drift Australia Champion
23. Tim Marshall - 2008 EDC 2nd Place
24. Ben Broke-Smith - 2008 EDC Champion
25. Tengku Djan Ley - 2008 FD SG 2nd Place
26. Mike Whiddet - 2008 FD SG 3rd Place
27. Paul Vlasblom - 2008 IDS Champ or Runner-Up
28. Remmo Niezen - 2008 IDS Champ or Runner-Up
29. Fredric Aasbo - 2008 Nordic Drifting Series Champion
30. Carl Ruiterman - 2007 NZ Drift Champion, 2007 D1NZ Champion
31. Eric O'Sullivan - 2008 Pro Drift 3rd Place, 2007 Pro Drift Champion
32. James Deane - 2008 Pro Drift Champion

Stay with ColdTrackDays for continued coverage of the RBWDC and Victor Moore // 10.31.2008


Yet another 997 911 Turbo with a few extra bits. German tuning house Techart, famous for adding fuel to a fire, has kicked the power output of the 'standard' 911 Turbo up to 660bhp and 634lb/ft of torque, in what they are calling the Techart GTstreet R. Upgraded turbos, larger carbon fiber intake, improved intercoolers and a redesigned exhaust all help to increase power and take the Porsche from 0-60 in 3.4 seconds. A claimed top speed of 214mph makes this one wild Porsche, and that's just the go fast bits. An upgraded coil-over suspension, 20-inch wheels and a wind tunnel tested, carbon fiber body kit and spoiler (which adds nearly 22 additional pounds of downforce) sets this Turbo apart from your neighbors. Additional carbon fiber is available, but we like the subtle touch, no need for fiber weave hood, fenders, doors, dash, door sills, door handles, headlight bezels....you get the idea. We like it, but then again, who wouldn’t // 10.31.2008


Formula D champ Tanner Foust will be at SEMA this year, handing out the annual Gran Turismo Awards. With several categories being judged and awarded, to include Best Hot Rod, Best Japanese Import, Best Euro Import and so on, the top honor (i.e. Best in Show), will receive a spot in the new Gran Turismo game for the Playstation 3. Judging starts November 4th and will continue through the following day, with GT creator Kazunori Yamauchi picking the winner. Check out a little preview above // 10.31.2008



It must be obvious by now that we are Ayrtron Senna fans. Maybe it has to do with our age, having grown up hearing of Senna and his accomplishments, maybe just an appreciation for greatness, I am not sure. What I do know is, there have been many champions, many with records that stretch well past Senna's, but it was his calm, the quiet, the determination, that has always made us appreciate what Ayrton Senna brought to Formula One. Tragedy often has a way of shedding light on what may have been otherwise overlooked. The above video is a fantastic look at Ayrton Senna and his achievements, spanning nearly an hour in length and covering the majority of his racing career. We suggest you take the time, and have a look at one of racing's most important figures. Enjoy // 10.30.2008


Our editor was on track again today, running his second practice session with the guys from Seattle Karting Specialties. Prepping for the coming Winter race series at Evergreen Speedway, Mr.Coffey had this to say about his time on track today: "I felt much better this afternoon. Having a couple of weeks off to lick my wounds helped, and with a full day of practice, I certainly felt my confidence level begin to rise. I was taking corners at a much greater speed, at least it felt that way, and with the help of Mr.Garner (see above), I was able to gain some insight into what a proper racing line looks like. I spun a few times, hell, I even had to pull my kart out of the grass once or twice, but I definitely felt more comfortable by days end. I am looking forward to the coming race season, a bit nervous, but overall feeling confident that I can surprise a few people. Practice makes perfect, and I hope to have a few more days on track before I see my first green flag..."

With the SKUSA Vegas Super Nationals but a few weeks away, practice time may be limited until we return, but be sure and stay with ColdTrackDays, as we will continue to cover Justin Coffey's attempt at 125cc TAG kart racing // 10.30.2008


Nissan has released some ‘official’ images of their forthcoming 370Z. Similar in certain ways to its predecessor, the new Z will feature Infiniti’s 3.7-liter V6, as well as the seven-speed automatic gearbox. With a sweeping roofline, aggressive front fascia and squatted stance, the 370Z is a bit different than its 350Z brother, however the changes are not as far reaching as we had hoped for. The last time Nissan moved into a new Z, the results were fairly stunning, going from this, to this. But the 370Z... only a mild improvement. And don’t even get us started on seven-speed auto gearboxes, that's for another day, but fear not, you can always opt for the six-speed manual. Your thoughts? // 10.30.2008



People have put a GM 350 in just about everything (case in point), and like our fathers always said, there is no replacement for displacement... except forced induction and loads of displacement, that'll do. So, with news that General Motors will be releasing their 632bhp, supercharged LS9 (courtesy of the Corvette ZR1) as a crate motor at this years SEMA show, we thought we'd pose this question; what would you shoehorn it into...? // 10.30.2008


For this weeks Eye Candy, we thought we'd share this great shot from chuck.goolsbee.org. Chuck is a Northwest based gentleman, with a passion for motoring, photography and blogging. His blog covers a handful of topics, (to include his sons X-Country career) and offers great insight into and number of events, car meets, drives and repairs that Chuck has been a part of over the last few years. Always some great pictures (especially of his E-Type Jag), it is certainly worth the click if you have a moment // 10.30.2008


Following a one-two-three finish in the European GT4 Sports Light racing series, KTM has decided to release what they are calling the ‘X-Bow Race.’ A fully homologated GT4 Sports Light race car, KTM is hoping their new X-Bow will be a draw for those looking to compete in the Euro GT4 series. With a base price of €82.900, the ‘X-Bow Race’ features a list of modifications that set it apart from its street legal brethren. Powered by the same 2.0-liter, 240bhp Audi TFSI engine as the street legal variety, the changes come in the form of a race-spec suspension and braking system, Kevlar reinforced side panels, and a racing fuel system with quick-fill capabilities. The ‘X-Bow Race’ can tag sixty in 3.9 seconds and reach a top speed of 137mph, not to mention it is a proven winner, as evidenced by this years GT4 series. Easy to maintain, minimal entry costs and a ‘race day’ budget for GT4 of about €3,000 per race, all of which makes the X-Bow a reasonable alternative to that track car you have been working on for the last three winters... Your thoughts? // 10.29.2008



Skater kid approval aside, you have to give DC credit for their huge support of the rally community here in the US. Not to mention, making some of the coolest non-race approved, rally racing shoes out there (see Pro_Spec V 1.0) Speaking of rally racing, with the season drawing to a close, the boys at DC decided to put together a highlight-reel. Showcasing their sponsored cars and drivers, at a handful of events, the video take a while to load, but is well worth the wait. Couldn't seem to get the video to embed, so you'll have to click here for the video. Great stuff, makes us want some AWD... // 10.29.2008


I have made a few decisions lately in terms of my commitment to motorsports... Now don’t start throwing tomatoes, I am just leveling off a bit, finally. I no longer have a burning desire to ride in a one piece, carbon-kevlar race seat, Sparco harnessed in with urethane motor mounts and no carpet (really, been there done that). I am now a fan of dual climate control, heated leather seats and wood grain (yeah, wood grain). But don't get me wrong, when I see a gutted and caged 240sx blow past me on the freeway, BOV shuttering under the hood, I start to question just how important that wood grain is. So, where am I going with this? Well, the decision I made is, I need two cars, at least. One wood grain, heated leather daily driver, and one gutted and caged track beast. Ok, and maybe a truck to pull the track car. So, what would I pick? That 240sx that made me second guess the wood grain...? Maybe, but how about a Caterham Superlight R300?! A new addition to Caterham’s lineup, the R300 features a few upgrades to make the topless terror a bit more ‘drivable.’ The Caterham Superlight R300 now comes equipped with a Duratec 2.0-liter four, good for 175bhp and sprints to sixty in 4.5 seconds. At 1,135lbs, the R300 is capable of 140mph top speed runs and now comes with the luxury of a heater, a more supple suspension, and a a pair of seats that offer a bit more cushy (is that a word?). Out the door, in ‘fully built’ trim, the R300 will run you $43,462, or you can opt for the ‘kit’ at $38,805. Either way, that's one hell of a deal for a dedicated track car, especially one with a heater... Your thoughts? // 10.29.2008


It’s about time! After endless ‘teaser’ shots, Aston Martin decided it was time to show us the goods. Say hello to the One-77. Aston’s super-supercar is very real and very revelead. At $2 million dollars, and with a production run of, you guessed it, 77, the One-77 is about as bespoke as it gets. But for a cool couple million, we were expecting something, how should we say... more impressive. Your thoughts? // 10.29.2008


Saw this one coming. Ferrari announced earlier this week that it would review any further participation in F1 if the FIA implements standardized engines for the 2010 season. The FIA’s devious plan for a single engine source made its way around the Formula One ranks earlier this month, much to the dislike of major players like Ferrari. The idea seems appropriate, cut costs while maintaining a competitive spirit, but the strategy is all wrong. Formula One is, at its heart, a competition of not only the drivers, but of engineering. Cut that out, and we may as well watch the IRL. That's our opinion. In a statement released last week, the FIA had this to say about Ferrari’s reservations: “The board of Ferrari, confirming its full support for the substantial and necessary reduction in costs starting with engines, has however expressed strong reservations about the project to equalize or standardize engines…The board reserves the right to consider, together with our partners, our presence in this discipline.” Will Ferrari back out? Could the FIA force their move? Time will tell. Your thoughts? // 10.29.2008


A few years back when Audi released their RS4, Jacky Ickx and daughter Vanina Ickx, in a bit of promotional work for Audi, took to the track in a pair of German super sedans. Lapping the Circuit Paul Ricard, the Ickx family played lead-follow, showcasing what the new Audi and its powerplant were capable of. A great bit of promo work and certainly a fun day at the track, they have us convinced, we’ll take two // 10.28.2008


Prepping for the 2009 Paris-Dakar Rally, the guys at VW Motorsport have been working round the clock to finish up their Touareg 2 entry. Powered by a 2.5-liter five cylinder, good for 280bhp, VW has until November 15th to complete their rig and ship it to France for a pre-race evaluation. The 2009 Paris-Dakar will see the green flag on January 3rd, cover 5,600 miles and countless country’s. ColdTrackDays editor, Justin Coffey, had a chance to ride with VW Team driver Mark Miller at this years Mazda Grand Prix of Portland, allowing him a bit of insight into what a true off-road champion is all about. Stay with ColdTrackDays, as we continue to cover VW’s efforts at a Dakar win // 10.28.2008


Remember when we posted on this guy. Well, all that ‘testing’ apparently lead to an Evo Magazine video feature (see above). Produced in conjunction with the fellas at Supercar Movies, the two have put together a series of short films chronicling the testing sessions that took place at the Nurburgring just a few weeks ago. Check out the trailer, click here for more info // 10.28.2008


Just in time for those early holiday shoppers out there (all three of you). Check out Gearhead Shampoo, the latest thing in automotive, er, men’s grooming products. After a long day of wrenching, oil soaked clothes and grease under your finger nails, there is nothing like a shower. So this time around, opt for a qt. sized bottle of Gearhead Shampoo. Not sure if it provides additional cleaning properties (like superior grease cutting agents) but it sure looks cools, and for $6, come on, why not?! // 10.28.2008


A few pre-completion shots of Rhys Millen’s Hyundai Genesis have leaked onto the blogosphere and we thought we’d share. Sporting a flat mount intercooler, carbon fiber bits (like doors, hood and fenders) and a massive rear wing, the Genesis should be ready for a SEMA release, hopefully. Sitting on KW coilovers and shifting gears via an HKS sequential transmission, the Millen Genesis will be an early example of what the new car car transform into. So far so good. Your thoughts? // 10.28.2008



Reaching into our 'photo vault' for this weeks Eye Candy, check out the amazing shot of an E30 M3 in full race trim we came across. Would offer more details on the car and its history, but it is quite late, so, we'll leave it at that. Photo comes courtesy of Fredric Lin // 10.27.2008


With ‘teaser’ images flooding the blogosphere and our growing anticipation for the 2010 Mustang here at CTD, we thought we’d take a look back at one of the coolest Mustangs to date. With production beginning in 2005, replacing an otherwise mediocre body style, the ‘05 Mustang was a welcome surprise from Ford. Retro styling without going to far (in our opinion), the latest Mustangs can be anything from calm and cool, to over the top and extreme. Above are a few of our favorites, your thoughts? // 10.27.2008


Lamborghini is getting into the factory backed, arrive and drive race program. Hell, Ferrari does it (see Ferrari Challenge) and for that matter, so does Porsche. So it seems an appropriate time for the raging bull to pit deep pocketed drivers against one another in race prepped Lambo’s. Why not?!

The car will be a competition spec, Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4, which Lamborghini is calling the Super Trofeo. A field of 30 cars is expected at each race, with drivers ranging from private owners and dealer teams, to a single Lamborghini sponsored ‘celebrity,’ who will rotate at each venue. The Super Trofeo will feature all the appropriate safety equipment, weigh in at 2866-lbs and include ABS braking, Pirelli slicks and a few aerodynamic adjustments. The 5.2-liter V10 is said to be good for 570bhp (at all four wheels) and will be put to ground via Lamborghini’s e.gear six speed sequential gearbox. With a buy-in of €200,000 (includes car, parts and trackside support), it seems a reasonable way to go racing (racing a Lamborghini that is). Sign us up // 10.27.2208


What does the youngest Formula One champion in history drive. Oops, did we say champion, we mean soon-to-be champion, err, potential champion. Yeah. Well, assuming all goes well for Hamilton next Sunday in Brazil, the young Mercedes driver will leave the track, Pussy-Cat-Doll girlfriend in toe, hop in his SLR roadster and drive off to celebrate his F1 supremacy, right? Not quite. The girlfriend bit was right, but what Hamilton ‘prefers’ to drive is a Mercedes Benz GL320 CDI. Powered by a 3.0-liter turbo-diesel V6 making 224bhp, this is not supercar, matter of fact, it may just be the opposite. When explaining his choice of automobile, Hamilton had this to say: “At the track I always drive on the limit, but on public roads I like to relax, kick back and cruise. The GL’s perfect for that – it’s got plenty of space for all my kit, a brilliant sound system, and the high driving position gives me a clear view of the road ahead. It’s just about the most comfortable road car I’ve driven.” Comfort factor aside, rumor has it that Hamilton, due to his age, is uninsurable in the UK in anything else, forcing him into the lumbering diesel wagon that he has ‘chosen.’ But a new ride lurks on the horizon for Lewis. Ten years ago, when Hamilton and McLaren boss Ron Dennis first became acquainted, Lewis showed interest in a certain McLaren F1 LM supercar, one of only five built, a car that Dennis has since promised to him if he wins the drivers championship and McLaren is crowned constructor champ. So, is the McLaren F1 LM in Hamilton's future? Brazil may decide // 10.27.2008


We have done a fair bit of Formula D coverage this season, in part due to our relationship with the folks at Evergreen Drift as well as the growing drift community here in the NW. We reported to you live from the Seattle stop of the FD championship and have continued to follow the drivers, teams and competitions across the country, culminating in the season finale just a few weeks ago. But blog coverage isn’t always enough. So, for those out there looking for a bit more then 100 word briefs and YouTube clips, the Speed Channel has you covered. Starting today (Sunday), SpeedTV will air all seven rounds of the 2008 Formula D season, highlighting the best battles, most extreme moments and of course a few mishaps. Each ‘episode’ will run sixty minutes in length, and will be shown a handful of times before the next episode is released the following Sunday.

Television schedule is as follows : :
Listings are Eastern Standard Time (EST)

Episode #1 – 2008 Round 1 – Streets of Long Beach
Sunday Afternoon 10/26/08 @ 4:00 pm NEW
Friday Afternoon 10/31/08 @ 2:00 pm
Monday Overnight 11/3/08 @ 3:00 am
Sunday Afternoon 11/23/08 @ 12:00 pm

Episode #2 – 2008 Round 2 – Road Atlanta
Sunday Afternoon 11/2/08 @ 4:00 pm NEW
Friday Afternoon 11/7/08 @ 2:00 pm
Monday Overnight 11/10/08 @ 3:00 am
Sunday Afternoon 11/23/08 @ 1:00 pm

Episode #3 – 2008 Round 3 - Englishtown Raceway Park
Sunday Afternoon 11/9/08 @ 4:00 pm NEW
Friday Afternoon 11/14/08 @ 12:00 pm
Saturday Overnight 11/15/08 @ 4:00 am
Monday Overnight 11/17/08 @ 3:00 am
Sunday Afternoon 11/23/08 @ 2:00 pm

Episode #4 – 2008 Round 4 - Las Vegas
Sunday Afternoon 11/16/08 @ 4:00 pm NEW
Friday Afternoon 11/21/08 @ 2:00 pm
Sunday Afternoon 11/23/08 @ 3:00 pm
Monday Overnight 11/24/08 @ 3:00 am

Episode #5 – 2008 Round 5 - Evergreen Speedway
Sunday Afternoon 11/23/08 @ 4:00 pm NEW
Monday Overnight 12/1/08 @ 3:00 am
Friday Afternoon 12/5/08 @ 2:00 pm

Episode #6 – 2008 Round 6 – Infineon Raceway
Sunday Afternoon 12/7/08 @ 4:00 pm NEW
Monday Overnight 12/8/08 @ 3:00 am
Friday Afternoon 12/12/08 @ 2:00 pm

Episode #7 – 2008 Round 7 – Toyota Speedway at Irwindale
Sunday Afternoon 12/14/08 @ 4:00 pm NEW
Monday Overnight 12/15/08 @ 3:00 am
Friday Afternoon 12/19/08 @ 2:00 pm

Episode #8 – 2008 Red Bull Drifting World Championship – Port of Long Beach
Sunday Afternoon 12/21/08 @ 4:00 pm NEW
Monday Overnight 12/22/08 @ 3:00 am
Tuesday Afternoon 12/23/08 @ 2:00 pm

Be sure ans tick with ColdTrackDays, as we will be reporting to you live from the upcoming Red Bull World Drift Championship scheduled for November 15-16 // 10.27.2008



We’ve heard rumor that a certain FD driver will be campaigning a V8 powered BMW next season. You know anything about this? Anyhow, with the Red Bull World Drift Championship’s right around the corner, and a handful of EDC Bimmers expected to attend, we thought we’d share a few photos of our favorite Bavarians hitting it sideways. The orange E30 belongs to Remmo Niezen and is powered by a 5.0-liter V8 courtesy of an E39 M5. The black BMW wagon is the current EDC champion, however we are unsure what lurks beneath the hood. Stay with ColdTrackDays, as we are headed to Long Beach to cover the Red Bull WDC, as well as NW native Victor Moores efforts at an FD license. Video comes courtesy of our friends at Clash Productions // 10.25.2008


Filmed at Vallelunga (near Rome), check out Signor Sergini from Bologna as he takes on a wet race track (our favorite) in his Porsche 911 GT3 Cup Car. The high video quality video is accompanied by loads of on-screen data acquisition, so we suggest watching this one at full screen. Enjoy // 10.25.2008