Children's Hospital SOVREN Historic's //

This fourth of July weekend marks the 20th annual SOVREN Historic Races at Pacific Raceways in Kent, WA. The marque for this year is Porsche, and in celebration of 60 years of rear engined air cooled fun, we are sure to see a large field of Porsche's both racing and showing themselves. The proceeds from the event go to support Children's Hospital and there is always a huge turnout of both fans and cars, vendors and activities. Friday will see qualifying, with races running both Saturday and Sunday. Three day and one day passes are available and everyone will have access to the paddock, getting a closer look at the cars is half the fun! ColdTrackDays will have a booth at the event, with T-Shirt's for sale and free ColdTrackDays stickers to give away. We have also teamed up with Garth Stein, author of "The Art of Racing in the Rain" to help promote both his novel and ColdTrackDays. Copies of his book will be on sale at the booth as well, so be sure at stop in and say hello while wandering the vendor booths and paddock. The SOVREN event is the largest event of the year in the Northwest, offering a little something for everyone. So come on down, support a good cause, see some great races, and be sure to stop by and say hello // 06.30.2008

California // Now Under Construction

All the hype, all the rumor, all leading up to this. Scheduled to debut at the Paris Auto Show, the long anticipated Ferrari California has begun its initial production run at the Ferrari factory in Maranello. This news comes amidst rumor that the California would be built at Ferrari's sister factory, the Maserati plant in Modena. Increased capacity at the Ferrari factory, has however, allowed the new California to be built in their Maranello plant, securing the California's legitimacy amongst fans and potential buyers // 06.30.2008

2010 NSX // Testing at Nurburgring

The 2010 Honda (Acura) NSX is in the testing stages. The staff at ColdTrackDays has reported on early photos of the coupe, adorning zebra camo (as seen above) as well as a rendering done by Auto Express, showcasing Honda’s new rocket without the Zebra outfit. Now spotted at the Nurburgring, the soon to be NSX is still in disguise mode, though its capabilities are on full display. Front mounted V10 power makes for a great sound, don’t you think? // 06.30.2008

Quantum of Solace // 007 Trailer

The sequel to Casino Royale is on its way, and with it comes promises of more action, more cocktails, more girls and almost certainly, more Aston Martin's. After the 007 debut of the Aston Martin DBS, in the most recent film, Bond fans and Aston Martin fans alike are patiently awaiting what is sure to be this winter's biggest blockbuster. The trailer for the film, which can be viewed by clicking the above image, shows little of the Aston Martin, though I am not sure if we care to see it just yet, considering the fate of the last two used for the filming of Casino Royale. Like him or not, James Bond will be back on November 7, 2008 // 06.30.2008

BMW Procar Series // Alive at Hockenheim

The BMW M1, and the BMW Procar series in which they competed, ran along side the 1979 and 1980 Formula One seasons. Pitting F1 drivers against a field of up and comers, the Prodrive class gave a few drivers the opportunity to show their stuff against the best in the world at the time. Drivers like Fitapaldi and Piquet, competing in 2200 pound, 470bhp mid-engined BMW supercars, the only BMW supercar to date. They competed at the same venues that the F1 cars ran at, places like the famed Nurburgring and Monaco. And with the German Grand Prix coming within a few weeks (July 19-20) the M1’s will see the tarmac once again. This time at Hockenheim, the current venue for the German Grand Prix. A field of ten vintage M1’s will fire up and take to the track, with a multitude of names from the past. Marc Surer and Jaques Laffite to name a couple. A car with a storied history, a class that can never be recreated. The staff at ColdTrackDays can only dream, as we are sure the event will go un-televised here in the states. We will just have to settle for the F1 race // 06.30.2008


Gulf Aston DBR9 // Pride of the UK

So, to complete our segment on British automotive interests, we decided to offer a bit more information on the GT1 class champion, the Gulf Aston Martin DBR9. As we all know (or should know by now) Aston Martin's are to the UK, what the Corvette is to America. Having taken the GT1 class by storm, with a number of Aston Martin's competing in the class, the 009 numbered Gulf Aston stormed its way through 24 hours and a well stocked field of competitors, to take the checkered flag and the GT1 championship. The #009 DBR9 was driven by David Brabham, Darren Turner and Antonio Garcia. Quite the way to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Gulf Oil's first victory at Le Mans! The blue and orange of the Gulf Oil Aston Martin, was first made famous via a ColdTrackDays favorite, Steve McQueen, in his 1971 film Le Mans. With Gulf Oil having teamed up with Aston Martin, they are sure to secure their place as a cult favorite amongst motorsport fans. Above, is a brief video of Darren Turner laying down a hot lap in the GT1 champion DBR9 // 06.28.2008

Silverstone // From Formula One to Foolin Around

With the season opener of the UK’s biggest television hit, Top Gear, having just aired, and the British Grand Prix at Silverstone a mere week away, we thought it proper to do a little segment for our friends across the pond. First, a bit of vintage Top Gear tomfoolery. Only they would concoct a race such as this; a Formula One car, Colin McRae and his WRC Focus and a Mercury Cougar V6. One lap each at Silverstone, staggered starts, guess who wins? Secondly, how about a bit of reel-to-reel footage from the 1967 British Grand Prix. Jim Clark, Graham Hill, early pre-winged versions of our favorite formula cars, cant get much better, well maybe if the video were a bit longer... // 06.28.2008

Honda Removes the Camouflage // 2010 NSX?

Roughly a week ago, we gave ColdTrackDays readers a glimpse of the future NSX lapping the Nurburgring, clad in zebra stripe camo. The shape was unfamiliar, the layout, like nothing Honda had done before. Front mounted V10 power, 550bhp coming from 5.5 liters, cylinder deactivation technology and a 2+2 aluminum and steel body. A rival to the recently released Nissan GT-R and the soon released Lexus LF-A no doubt, but a far cry from the NSX of yesteryears. Gone is a mid engine layout and six cylinder VTEC power, in is a massive V10 and 570 ft/lbs of torque. The initial shots were confusing (as zebra camo is intended to confuse) but the above pictures, courtesy of Auto Express, give us a more clear cut idea of what Honda is working on. With General Motors setting a time to beat at the ring, all three of the major Japanese automakers have their work cut out for them. We like what we see, even if mid-engined cars spell cool to us here at ColdTrackDays // 06.28.2008

Lamborghini Reventon //

The raging bull has found itself on the hood of yet another piece of automotive eye candy. With styling ques garnered from air force fighter jets, a shape and stance that makes it very clear what the car is capable of, the Lamborghini Reventon is the newest addition to the Italian automakers lineup. In celebration of increased sales and named after a famous Italian fighting bull, the Reventon, with its 650bhp, 6.5 liter V12, stands atop the Lamborghini ranks. Only 20 will be made available (all of which have already been sold) and each will go for a cool one million euros. Watch as Lamborghini CEO unveils the Italian beauty at the Frankfurt Auto Show // 06.28.2008

ZR1 // 7:26.4 at the Ring

Chevrolet is proud, and they have the right to be we suppose. With benchmarks set by a field of worthy competition, the 2009 Corvette ZR1 laid down a hot lap at what has become the supercar proving ground, the Nurburgring, with a time of 7:26.4. Now for those of you who have lapped the ring yourself, or even if you have taken a simulated lap (via Gran Turismo and an HD television) you know that is a fast time, a real fast time. To put things in perspective, the ‘09 Nissan GT-R, Porsche killer and crowd favorite, laid down a 7:29 lap time. If that is not enough to prove the ‘Vettes got the good stuff, the ZR1 bested a lap time set by a car far beyond its price range, a car most will only see in magazines let alone in person, the Pagani Zonda F (7:27) All of this to say, the ZR1 is fast and GM engineers are sure to be out celebrating. But don't think that Nissan, Honda or Lexus, are taking this sitting down. With the GT-R Spec V on its way, Honda testing a new generation NSX and the much talked about Lexus LF-A, that time may not stand for long. Video of the Nurbrgring lap will be available shortly, but until then, enjoy the 205mph pass the ZR1 made // 06.27.2008


Alfa 8C // Limited Edition GTA

Alfa Romeo fans rejoice! Not only is the Italian automaker releasing a vehicle here in the states, they have just announced a GTA version of the soon coming 8C Competizione. Alfa CEO Luca De Meo announced yesterday, during the launch of the 2009 MiTo GTA, that the 8C will see a few GTA versions (nor more than 100) being produced in recognition of Alfa's 100th anniversary. the 2010 8C GTA will be fitted with a Ferrari sourced 450bhp V8, and will be considerably lighter and more powerful than the standard 8C Competizione // 06.26.2008

Go Enzo! // Video Trailer

If you have not picked up a copy of Garth Stein's book, "The Art of Racing in the Rain" we are sure you must have seen it. You know, early in the a.m. grabbing a cup of coffee at your local Starbucks, there it sat, dark blue cover and thought provoking title. You are a car guy (or gal) and anything that screams auto culture is sure to have grabbed your attention. But the dog on the cover may have thrown you off a bit, causing you to second guess it's auto culture appearance and title. Well without spoiling the good stuff, here is a video trailer that author Garth Stein put together himself. The video trailer and interview, may give you a bit more insight into the synopsis of the book, and have you running (or driving through, as you can do these days) to your nearest Starbucks to fetch a copy. A few members of the ColdTrackDays staff, attended a reading by Stein last night at the Elliot Bay Book Company (a great alternative place to purchase a copy by the way), and while each staff member had a similar satisfaction having read the book, each came out with a different take on the meaning and philosophical ideas within it. A great piece of fiction and a must for any true motorsports fan. Additionally, ColdTrackDays will have copies available at our booth, during the July 4th SOVREN races at Pacific Raceways. Garth Stein, a Seattle native and former race driver himself, has teamed up with ColdTrackDays to promote both his novel and the growing motorsport community here in the Northwest. Swing by our booth, say hello and grab a copy, if you haven't already left your desk to do so... // 06.26.2008

Formula One // 2009 Schedule

The tentative schedule for the 2009 Formula One season has been released, and they seemed to have forgotten one very important race track, Indy... After long talks regarding the return of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to the Formula One calendar after a two year absence, when the tentative 2009 schedule was released they seemed to have misplaced it. Details are sketchy, with little to no info available at this point, other then that we are certain the Indy absence revolves around some fundamental feud between F-1 officials and Indy organizers. With the addition of the Abu Dhabi GP, the 2009 season will consist of 19 rounds, one more than this years schedule. Though this is a tentative schedule, things are not looking good for us American F-1 fans // 06.26.2008

Hardtop Action // Ferrari California

We have done quite a bit of reporting on the forthcoming Ferrari California. Offering initial concept photos, official pictures when they were released and now an action packed video, showcasing the new Ferrari's motorized, one touch hardtop convertible in action. Enjoy // 06.26.2008

TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 1 Vintage //

It is summer, the sun is out and it is certainly the time of year to show off a little. So we are going to offer a few selections to help you gear up, look good and represent your passion for motorsports in the process. TAG Heuer is a staple amongst car aficionados, reminding any car guy of the first time he watched Steve McQueen in Le Mans. So why not added a little McQueen to your summer wardrobe? Inspired by the legendary Panamericana Road Race, with a 43mm case, interchangeable straps of black alligator leather or organic rubber (shown) there are certainly a few TAG watches we would wear, though this one stands out amongst the crowd. Clean lines, simple dial features and a business meets pleasure look, ensures long usage and lots of compliments // 06.26.2008

Bullrun 2008 // LA Pit-stop

June 20th, Alberta, Canada, the 2008 Bullrun officially begins. If you are unfamiliar with the Bullrun, think fastest time (in an automobile) between A and B. Where A is the small city of Alberta and B is Phoenix, Arizona. Last night, Bullrun entrants (competitors if you will) made a late pit-stop along Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, to consume a bit of fermented grain and calculate their speeding ticket totals. Much like the Gumball Rally, the Bullrun sees deep pockets meet excessive speeds and care free drivers. This is not an event for the tuned Honda Civic crowd (though some do enter) what is most commonly seen are cars we are prone to drool over. Take the above selection from last nights stop along Sunset, the SSC Ultimate Aero TT, the Guiness Book of World Records holder for fastest production car (255mph) or the Aston Martin DBS, and a personal favorite of ours, the Spyker C8 Spyder. Maybe next year ColdTrackDays will enter a ride... // 06.26.2008

ColdTrackDays Drift Correspondent //

In an effort to expand our reach, offer additional content and keep our readers informed across all forms of motorsports, we have enlisted the help of a Northwest drift guru. Russell O'Connell is an official and key organizer of the successful Evergreen Drift program, at the Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, WA and the founder of the Northwest Region SCCA drift program and will be coming on board as a ColdTrackDays staff member. Russell will help us stay on top of what is happening in the drifting world both here and abroad. An avid drifter himself, Russell has helped promote the drift scene here in the NW, taking it to new heights. We are grateful to have him as apart of ColdTrackDays, and are sure our readers will appreciate all of his input, insights and information. Russell can be reached via email at: driftumaikakudo@gmail.com // 06.26.2008


Street Race // DTM at Norisring

There are three automotive races on civilian streets that are worth taking note of: Formula One at Monaco, World Touring Car Championship at Pau and the German DTM's at Norisring. Of the above three, the DTM race at the Norisring may be the most exciting to watch. German touring cars, carbon clad and fire breathing horsepower, muscle their way through the streets, bashing doors from corner to corner in an attempt to claim German auto manufacturing supremacy. The highlight of the DTM calendar, the race at Norisring this year is to be held on the 29th of June. We at ColdTrackDays love a good old fashion street race, and when you add uber performance German touring cars and drivers with nothing to loose, it makes for a potent mix. Look for us to post some video's after the race // 06.24.2008

Silver Arrow Returns // Goodwood 2008

The 2008 Goodwood Festival of Speed is set to begin on July 11th, and like years before it, expect to see every dream car one can imagine. This year however, sees something a bit different, a bit more interesting than the typical mid eighties F-1 car or the former Pikes Peak champion. This year, the 1939 Audi "Silver Arrow" Type D Dual Compressor makes its triumphant return to the tarmac. Originally driven by H.P.Muller and Tazio Nuvolari to a pair of Grand Prix victories, the "Silver Arrow" was dismantled by occupying Soviet troops in East Germany after WWII. This 21st century reincarnation was assembled using parts from the original car and has taken over four years to complete. Built by Crosthwaite & Gardiner in East Sussex, England, the reincarnated Audi will be piloted at this years Goodwood Festival by none other than Nick Mason, Pink Floyd drummer and all around car guy. A 420bhp 12 cylinder rests beneath the hood, and it will be quite the sight when it takes to the track at Goodwood // 06.24.2008


The Frye's // Alfa 75

Our very own Terry Frye, ColdTrackDays photographer and known Alfa junkie, is our Local Ride for the month of June. A recent evening lap session at Pacific Raceways saw Mr.Frye testing his luck around the 2.25 mile, 9 turn race track. The car is a 1988 Alfa Romeo Milano Verde. With a 3.0L V6, Ansa exhaust, 17" wheels and a four piston Willwood brake kit, Mr. Frye's Alfa is set up quite well for lap days with the Northwest Alfa Club. A Momo steering wheel, factory Recaro bucket seats and no back seat, keep things simple on the inside. A few laps in the Alfa will remove any doubts as to the capability and prowess of this Italian saloon. Terry is a driving instructor with the NW Alfa Club, and can be seen at nearly every Alfa Club event. Take a look at our Photo Gallery for some of his photographs and more pictures from his most recent tack day // 06.23.2008

Gran Turismo 5 // Formula One Testing

Apparently we are not the only ones excited for the release of Gran Turismo 5 for the Playstation 3. Ferrari has teamed up with Moog Inc. (famous for their aeronautical simulators) to create a GT5 based driving simulator for their Formula One effort. Utilizing the same software that the new game will offer, Ferrari is using the simulator to tweak their F1 car without the huge costs of live testing. Details are sketchy thus far, but it is surely a testament to the forthcoming Gran Turismo 5 game // 06.23.2008

Hamann Stallion // Can We Get It In Alligator?

Your current 911 just not doing it for you anymore? Hamann, German supercar tuner, has a solution and we are sure you will like it. Take the already potent 2008 Porsche 911 Turbo, add 150bhp, ostrich skin interior and a chopped roof and you have the Hamann Stallion Turbo. Removing the stock variable nozzle turbos and replacing them with larger variable nozzle turbos, nets a 150bhp increase, taking the 911 to a staggering 630bhp. ECU upgrades ensure fuel is fed appropriately and you now have a 911 Turbo that is capable of 3.3 second 0-60mph times. Hamann then chops the roof roughly 8cm (2.5 inches) adds 20 inch three piece wheels, a stainless steel exhaust system and ostrich leather interior bits. All taking the standard 911 Turbo from wild to crazy. Vertical doors are an option, added only if the 630bhp and ostrich skin interior was not enough to set you apart from the turbo Porsche crowd. We like it, says autobahn if you ask us // 06.23.3008

Ferrari California // A Few More Images

The newest Ferrari has already caused quite a scene since word came down from Ferrari regarding its release. Front mounted V8 power, retractable hardtop and that name, California, all causing quite a stir. Love it or hate it, the Ferrari California is here to stay, and here are a few more detailed photographs. Finally offering a glimpse inside the roadster, the Italian interior is everything you would expect from Ferrari. Reminiscent of the 599 GTB, the cream leather seats and paddle shifter equipped, leather wrapped steering wheel, scream Ferrari. Though it appears at bit to technologically advanced for our tastes (still fans of manual gearboxes and uncomfortable race seats here at ColdTrackDays) we cannot deny the beauty and craftsmanship. Look for more detail pictures in the coming weeks // 06.23.3008


Check out this video of the soon to be released Audi R8 V10, as it laps the Nurburgring.Laying down some 500bhp courtesy of the Lamborghini Gallardo's 5.2L V10, the new R8 is expected to out do its V8 powered younger brother.

Audi has not confirmed this, but rumor has it that the twin-turbo version of Audi's V10 (think RS6), may be used in addition to the Gallardo V10. Already fans of the R8, a more potent V10 version is sure to make things interesting in the supercar market // 06.23.3008


ColdTrackDays To Formula One // But Where?

The summer is officially upon us, and with it comes the heart of the Formula One season. What kind of automotive culture website would we be, if we did not cover Formula One first hand? With that being said, much of the ColdTrackDays staff will be headed overseas during these coming summer months to cover a Formula One race. Which race you ask? Well we teased you about its location in this previous article. With out giving away all the juicy details just yet, lets just say it is second in grandeur to Monaco, a country as beautiful as one could wish for and a culture full of all the things we like. We will spill the beans a bit later, but for now, take a look at the previous piece we did, and attempt to decipher the above images // 06.21.2008


Motorola RAZR2 V9 Ferrari Special Edition //

The red baseball cap, yellow prancing horse and black stitching, leaving everyone to wonder whether you are a fan or a personal friend of the Italian auto maker. Maybe Ferrari luggage, a pair of sneakers, all clearly stating that you are in some way fond of what is being produced in Maranello. So why not a cell phone? A staple of any American consumer, your cell phone can define you these days (not saying it should) and it can somewhat define your personality type. Social? Definitely a text messager, constantly pecking at the mini sized key board attached to your cellular device. Business oriented? Frequently checking email via your Palm Pilot or Apple iPhone. Social reject? Still using the green-screened Nokia that you had in high school. So what does a Motorola RAZR2, clad in Ferrari logos, leather embossed case and "carbon look" casing say about someone? We are not sure. Maybe money, maybe Ferrari owner, maybe obsessive fan? Whatever the case, if you are a member of the red army, cheering loudly at 4am while watching Kimi Raikkonen overtake Hamilton on the Speed channel, this phone might be right up your alley // 06.21.2008

Loads of Good Luck // And Safety Equipment

Kelvin Burns behind the wheel of his Porsche, airborne and over the fence at Thruxton, England. Not exactly our favorite thing to see here at ColdTrackDays, and unless you have been in a cave or absent of wi-fi access for the past week, you probably have seen this video. But here again, in all its glory... // 06.21.2008

2008 Gran Turismo S // Competizione Power

The automotive world was left wide eyed, when Maserati unveiled the Gran Turismo at the 2007 Geneva Auto Convention. Critics laid down criticisms on the Italian touring car, claiming a lack of power and an excessive sticker price, though all noting the undeniable beauty that Maserati had created. Maserati has since released this, the Gran Turismo S. A 440bhp V8 rests under her hood, sourced from Alfa Romeo's 8C Competizione. The staff at ColdTrackDays has spotted a few roaming the streets here in the Northwest, though the much toted "S" model has yet to be seen. A beautiful companion to the Maserati Quattroporte sedan, the Gran Turismo S represents everything one could want out of a full size touring car // 06.21.2008


European Market Focus // Meet America

Having dug through a Ford press release, skimming past fuel economy stats and notes on the slowing of pickup truck production, we noticed one very important thing; European market Ford Focus and Fiesta's to cross the pond in 2010. According to the press release, Ford states: “Next-generation, European Ford Focus and Fiesta small cars to begin production in North America in 2010, as Ford confirms it is revising its product plan to add more small cars.” Good news? Well considering the Euro market Focus exemplifies all that Ford can do, and all that we have gone without, we must say this is great news. Which raises a question, with Ford bringing the Euro Focus and Fiesta to the states, will they in turn offer an AWD turbo variety, say the Focus RS? Press release did not specify, but if American buyers are as eager as we at ColdTrackDays are, keep your eyes peeled for a 2010 Focus RS at your local racetrack and rally events // 06.20.2008

School Is In Session // GT-R Training

How about a one-on-one, 45 minute tutoring session, behind the wheel of a brand new Nissan GT-R? How about 45 minutes of lapping at either Silverstone Raceway or the famed Nurburgring (that's five laps of the ring!)? Unfortunately for stateside buyers, this is only a thing of myth and day dream. But for UK consumers this is very much a reality, and one that makes us reconsider our mortgage payments. For those having placed a pre-order on the new GT-R, Nissan is offering a bit of tutored seat time, at a proper race track no less, before the buyer takes delivery of their own GT-R. According to the marketing director of Nissan Great British, "we want to share the excitement and the thrill of the GT-R with our customers. To do that, we will give those GT-R customers the chance to spend some quality time with the car before they take delivery of theirs.” 45 minutes at the ring, professional driving instruction behind the wheel of the most powerful production car Nissan's built to date, and all you pay is the travel expenses! Nissan provides the instructor, the track time, the car, you provide the cheese eating grins! // 06.20.2008


Enzo's Successor // Millechili?

Unofficial as it may be, news is spreading that the successor to the Ferrari Enzo, tentatively titled the "Millechili" will produce less horsepower and have two fewer cylinders. Potentially a sign of the times, when we say less we mean 600bhp and a V8 as opposed to the potent Ferrari V10. Car and Driver claims the new Enzo will weigh in right at 2,200 pounds, be built on a modified F430 chassis and feature F1 aerodynamics. Motor Authority disagrees with the Enzo replacement claim, stating that the "new" Enzo will be more in line with the current FXX Evolution, with it's 6.2 liter V12 and 860bhp. Again, no official word as of yet, but rumors are floating and people are talking. One way or another, we are sure Ferrari will sort things out properly // 06.19.2008

Hublot // Aryton Senna Edition

Watch manufacturer Hublot, in conjunction with the Aryton Senna Institute, has released a limited edition version of their popular Big Bang Black chronograph watch. Dubbed the Big Bang All Black Split Second Aryton Senna, the watch features a large 44.5mm casing, polished black ceramic casing, titanium backing, and a satin finished ceramic bezel. The face of the watch is midnight black, with Aryton Senna's signature in a bright red, the "Split Second" hand is finished in yellow and black (Brazil's colors) and the band is made of a smooth black rubber with Aryton Senna printed in yellow and green on the inside. A limited run of 500 pieces, each going for a cool $25,000, these are sure to be collector items and on the wish list of any Aryton Senna fan // 06.19.2008