Go Enzo! // Video Trailer

If you have not picked up a copy of Garth Stein's book, "The Art of Racing in the Rain" we are sure you must have seen it. You know, early in the a.m. grabbing a cup of coffee at your local Starbucks, there it sat, dark blue cover and thought provoking title. You are a car guy (or gal) and anything that screams auto culture is sure to have grabbed your attention. But the dog on the cover may have thrown you off a bit, causing you to second guess it's auto culture appearance and title. Well without spoiling the good stuff, here is a video trailer that author Garth Stein put together himself. The video trailer and interview, may give you a bit more insight into the synopsis of the book, and have you running (or driving through, as you can do these days) to your nearest Starbucks to fetch a copy. A few members of the ColdTrackDays staff, attended a reading by Stein last night at the Elliot Bay Book Company (a great alternative place to purchase a copy by the way), and while each staff member had a similar satisfaction having read the book, each came out with a different take on the meaning and philosophical ideas within it. A great piece of fiction and a must for any true motorsports fan. Additionally, ColdTrackDays will have copies available at our booth, during the July 4th SOVREN races at Pacific Raceways. Garth Stein, a Seattle native and former race driver himself, has teamed up with ColdTrackDays to promote both his novel and the growing motorsport community here in the Northwest. Swing by our booth, say hello and grab a copy, if you haven't already left your desk to do so... // 06.26.2008

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