Radical...Radical...Radical... the one word that seemed to echo through pit lane at last weekend’s round 4 of the NSW State Supersprint. What’s 'Radical' you may ask? A “Radical” is a type of purpose built kit race car that is powered by a 1300cc Suzuki motorcycle motor. There were four present and they blitzed the field with some unbelievably quick lap times. Going on from my round 3 review, this event was held at Eastern Creek International Raceway about 40min drive from Sydney. In my usual morning pit lane walk it was interesting to see the slight modifications some competitors had made in-between rounds. Some as small as minimal aero mods to full resprays to fancy motec computers all in the hope of better lap times... [read more]

The radicals were all business taking the top spots on the time sheet. The radicals were lead by Garth Walden with a 1:33.19.

The big surprise of the event was Jason Naidoo in his relatively standard EVO 8 he pulled out a blinder of a lap with a 1:44.96 which made him fastest tin top for the day, beating his PB by 5 seconds and a lap record for his class

Clubman’s were out in force again out numbering the field with around 20 competitors.

Michelle Guyer was also present in her March 87B open wheeler who showed her inexperience at Eastern Creek and was not at the top of the time sheets at the end of the day. Give her a few more days and she will be seriously fast on this track. Unforutnely I think she lunched her engine at the end of the day.

This FC rx7 of Bradley Shiels was notorious for bellowing massive flames out under brakes.

Duncan Forrest was again out in his R35 putting in a solid effort with lap times around the 1:46 mark. This car has so much more potential.

Although State Supersprint is a 9 round series there were some new faces to the grid including Andrew Woodcock in his HSV Maloo Ute, which looked like it was fresh of the showroom floor.

Everyone takes this event quite seriously and wants to put down some solid lap times but you always see friendly chatter amongst drivers in the dummy grid.

With the sun setting in the early afternoon the track cooled down and was when most people pumped out their fastest lap times.

Benny Tran in his B20 powered EG Honda Civic took full advantage of the track temperature to clock a 1:47.58 which broke his class record. I spoke to Benny and he has recently picked up a sponsor so this car should get faster and faster.

Another impressive combo is Mark Sattlers Datsun 120y which was wearing some seriously wide steelies wrapped in full slicks.

My favourite car of the event was Steven Shipways old school Toyota Crown powered by a 1JZ with a big single turbo. The car looks like it was painted with a paint brush but has so much character. He was doing some really fast lap times around the 1:47 mark.

Once again the State Supersprint series didn’t disappoint, the next round will be at Wakefield Park in a few weeks time. If you would like to find out more about Superpsrint in NSW check out the newly created website for the series by clicking here

Official lap times can be found here

More photos from the day can be found here

Photo/Editorial: Matthew Mead


During last weekends SCCA Double National at Pacific Raceways, I had the pleasure of meeting a local photographer by the name of Camden Thrasher. A friend with local racing star and current Volkswagen Jetta TDI Cup driver, Joey Atterbury, Thrasher is as eager as he is talented and has offered us a few shots he took over the course of the weekend... [read more]

Shooting through a piece of 300mm glass, Thrasher spent the better part of last weekend on the back side of Pacific Raceways trying to capture the Spec Miata's as they battled it out for regional supremacy. Of particular interest to Thrasher, was the #69 of Joey Atterbury.

Here, Atterbury fights to keep his fourth place position as the field of Spec Miata's work their way up Pacific Raceways windy back section.

A photographer with unprecedented talent, we look forward to working with Camden in future, as he will be covering a handful of events for ColdTrackDays across the Northwest. Stay tuned!

For a look at more of Camden's photography, click here


Designed with auto enthusiast in mind, Australian vineyard Elderton has just released their ‘Neil Ashmead GTS Shiraz.’ A passionate wine connoisseur, Neil Ashmead was also known for his motorsport obsession and vintage automobile collection. In recognition of his shared passions, Fuller, an Australian marketing firm, worked up the unique packaging you see above. Featuring a gear pattern twist-off top, Holden GT-S stripes and gills and a winner’s wreath neck label, the Neil Ashmead GTS Shiraz is a bit of indulgence we can suggest // [comment]


Featuring a mid-mounted, 1397cc turbo four cylinder, the Renault R5 Turbo competed in both Group 2 and Group B rally's during the late seventies and early eighties. Facing stiff competition and being somewhat underpowered, the R5 managed a one-two finish at the 1977 Monte Carlo Rally in Group 2. For the following year, a Group 4 (later Group B) R5 was introduced, and with Jean Ragnotti at the wheel, the Renault finished first at the Monte Carlo Rally. Though the R5 was unable to hang with the 4WD Group B rally cars on gravel and dirt, it remains one of the fastest cars of its era on tarmac.

Stay tuned for part three of 'Les Voitures,' our look at a France's finest... // [comment]


We just received an email from one of Team Seattle's PR guys with links to a few of the articles currently circulating the French news networks in regards to Team Seattle and Patrick Dempsey's participation in their 2009 Le Mans campaign. According to Team Seattle principal and co-driver, Don Kitch Jr., the media attention surrounding Dempesy and his seat in the Ferrari 430GT has made Team Seattle THE story ahead of this years 24 Heures du Mans. Not to divert attention from Audi and their historic run to nine Le Mans titles, but Team Seattle is the first all American team to compete at Le Mans since Dan Gurney and A.J. Foyt piloted the Ford GT40 Mk4 in 1967. Historic? I'd say so... // [comment]


It goes without saying that Ken Block has skill behind the wheel. The first installment in his 'Gymkhana Practice' video series, dare we call it a series, was a 600bhp infused, tire smoking, pylon grazing ride through some abandoned warehouse and adjacent parking lot. Now, Block intends to do it al over again, this time with a bit more power and an all new ride. The video featured above is the second teaser to hit the interwebs and showcases the build of Block's new weapon of choice. According to the guys at 0-60 Magazine, Block's new 2009 Subaru Impreza STI was build by Crawford Performance and took 43 days and over 800 man hours to build. Stay tuned for the next installment... // [comment]



This weekend I had the pleasure of meeting Joey Atterbury, a Northwest native and current front runner in Volkswagen's Jetta TDI Cup. Joey has been racing cars for only three short years, and having seen tremendous success thus far, hopes to move up the racing ladder rather quickly. That said, stay tuned for a full feature on Joey Atterbury in the coming week, as well as a few more photos from CTD's newest photograoher, Camden Thrasher // [comment]


ColdTrackDays correspondent, Kyle Crawford, spent last weekend at Citizen's Bank Park for a bit of Autocross action courtesy of the newly developed Philadelphia Region of the SCCA. A wide variety of cars were in attendance, and Kyle was able to capture some great shots. Follow the link for a look... [read more]

Joe Brennan brought out his 2001 Volkswagen GTI and was able to finish the day first in the Street Modified FWD class.

Brad Hollingsworth Jr finished second in the 'C Street Prepared' class with his clean 1991 Mazda Miata.

In the F125 Shifter class, Scott Boito finished atop the field in his 2000 Haase Blizzard 125cc shifter.

In the 'F Modified class,' Brian Afflerbach was unable to find the speed necessary to compete and finished fifth overall in his 1985 Red Devil.

Dennis Riehle brought out his 1970 Camaro and was able to finish first in the 'E Street Prepared' class, ahead of Andy Leece and his 2003 Subaru Impreza.

Finishing first in the 'C Stock' class, was Jack Banha and his beautiful 1971 Lotus 7

For additional information on the Philadelphia Region of the SCCA, click here

For complete results from last weekends Autocross event, click here

Photo: Kyle Crawford
Editorial: Justin Coffey


Ahead of our trip to the 24 Heures de Mans, I thought we'd take a look at a few of the cars we may come across during our visit to France. Now I know it is rather unlikely that we stumble upon Ayrton Senna's Lotus-Renault 97T Formula One car, but hey, this is a motorsport website...

Photo courtesy of Nick Lawes // [comment]


Sticking with a roadster theme, here is a bit of vintage advertising for Alfa Romeo's Spider Veloce convertible. A sensible car at a sensible price, the Alfa Spider managed 29.2-mpg according to Motor Trend Magazine and featured four-wheel disc brakes, a five speed gearbox, cast Magnesium wheels, a limited-slip differential and 'a sense of handling you've never experienced before.' // [comment]



In addition to last weekends SCCA Double National at Pacific Raceways, the newly complete Pacific Grand Prix opened its doors for a bit of testing on their new kart circuit. In attendance were a handful of local kart racers, as well as seasoned racer and former Volkswagen TDI Cup driver, David Jurca.

Additionally, Seattle Karting Specialties was able to provide me with a 125cc TAG kart, which allowed me to get a feel for the new track ahead of my first race (now delayed due to our trip to the 24 Hours of Le Mans) Follow the link for a look at the new facility... [read more]

Having raced karts since age eight, David Jurca was able to give plenty of feedback to track officials after each of his lap sessions. Here, David prepares his borrowed Seattle Karting shifter kart before hitting the track.

Showing great speed, there was no question why Jurca ran in the Super Pro class at last years SKUSA Super Nationals.

Having proved he was the fastest guy on track, Jurca came into the pits to sort out a heating issue. A bit of tape and back on track he went, yet again running fast lap after fast lap.

After a handful of hot lap sessions, Jurca decided to call it a day. His skills behind the wheel having become obvious, I can only hope to get a bit of time on track with him ahead of my first race.

While David packed up his things, he handed the keys over (do they have keys?) to Seattle Karting's Jeff Garner. The seasoned kart racer took to the track for a few hot laps of his own, and was able to lay down (unoffically) the fastest lap of the weekend.

While I cannot call myself a true kart racer, I can however note how cool I look in a full race suit and helmet! Don't mind the Converse All-Stars, we're sorting that out...

My first session on track proved to be an eye opener. With fresh pavement, an assortment of chicanes and high speed sweeping turns, a banked exit onto the front straight and an excessive amount of grip, the new Pacific GP is everything you could possibly want in a karting facility. Safe, fast, smooth, loads of room for error and a facility that sits just 15 minutes South of Seattle, the Pacific GP is a premiere racing facility in an area desperate for proper race circuits.

To finish the weekend out, a few of the SCCA's Spec Miata racers took to the track in Pacific GP's 5hp rental karts. Starting at the back, Northwest native and current Volkswagen TDI Cup driver, Joey Atterbury, made his way through traffic finishing the race in second.

With a beautiful Northwest backdrop, exceptional safety precautions, a great track layout and loads of racing on their schedule, the Pacific Grand Prix is an exciting addition to our community. Featuring rental karts from beginner to shifter, stay tuned for coverage following their grand opening on June 20th.

For additional information on the Pacific Grand Prix, click here

Photo: Karissa Wood
Photo/Editorial: Justin Coffey


Last weekend the Northwest Region of the SCCA held its annual Double National event at Pacific Raceways in Kent, Washington. With a small turnout of competitors, we decided to feature just a few of the classes that raced in this years Double National. That said, follow the link for a look at a few of the Formula class cars that competed over the weekend... [read more]

A handful of Formula Mazda's were in attendance. A great entry level Formula car, FM's offer low operating costs, bullet proof rotary engines and a rather competitive field.

After spinning in the exit to turn eight, Rod Rice was able to regain his track position after overtaking the Formula Mazda of Lucian Pancea. The position did not come easy, as Pancea was able to fend off the lighter and more powerful F1000 for a few laps.

Though he never moved from the back of the field, 70 year old Micheld Herald did prove one thing; no matter the age, life is best lived at full speed.

The only Formula Atlantic in attendance, James Blackwell's 1993 Reynard 93H did not have the speed to overtake the pair of F1000 just ahead of him.

Even though he ran mid-pack all afternoon, Rod Rice's 2007 Stohr F100 was definitely a favorite. Six speed sequential gearbox, F1 styled aero and a 1000cc's of screaming open-wheel glory... what's not to love?

Another Stohr F1000 doing what they do best.

Mark Jaremko managed to take the win in Monday's race, even though the exhaust on his 2008 Phoenix F1000 had come loose with two laps remaining.

While the Formula 1000's dominated, last weekends SCCA Double National was an opportunity to see a wide range of Formula cars on track for three full days of racing.

Click here for additional photos

Photo/Editorial: Justin Coffey