Never a dull moment if you are a Porsche fan. Having released this promo video for their 2009 lineup, Porsche showcases the subtle changes as well as the new PDK double clutch tranny. We'll take two... //07.31.2008


This 'Local Ride' comes courtesy of a NW Porsche Club senior driving instructor, Curt Smith. Curt's 2004 911 GT3 is everything we like about Porsche, and in a package he can drive to work and back. Starting with a standard GT3, Curt upgraded a few bits, making it more compotent at the track and adding a little style to an already stunning ride. Wheels went first, choosing to upgrade to a set of one piece BBS. A front splitter via a GT3 cup car was added, as well as the rear wing off of a GT3RS. Interior remains standard with the exception of the harness bar, and is comfortable enough to make the trip to the race track without upsetting your sciatic nerve. Had the opportunity to go for a spin, and I have to say, I was impressed. A day to day ride, capable on the race track, obvious aesthetic appeal, what more could you want. Big thanks to Curt for showing off his ride // 07.31.2008


Video comes courtesy of CAR Magazine. Loads of reporting on the Nissan GT-R (maybe too much), but we couldn't resist posting a bit of video. The Spec V, seen here in testing, is the GT-R on steroids. Loosing 200 pounds and gaining a few extra ponies, the gentlemen at Nissan are claiming their Spec V will run 'the ring' 18 seconds faster than the standard production model. We'll have to wait and see // 07.31.2008


We have provided plenty of coverage on the Mazda Fuari concept thus far, offering some video of the Furai lapping Buttonwillow, as well as plenty of pre-production shots. The ColdTrackDays staff felt it an appropriate addition to our 'Eye Candy' section, standing out amongst other concept/non-production vehicles. Enjoy // 07.31.2008


CAR magazine's Chris Chilton goes for a ride with Team RS chief Jost Capito, for a bit of comparisson between the latest incarnation of Ford’s hatchback, and the first generation RS. With news of the newest Ford Focus RS flooding the blogosphere, we are as guilty as the next, reporting on concept shots, pre-production shots and finally the ‘official’ images released by Ford. The new RS will, like its younger brother, feature a turbocharged in-line five cylinder, but unlike its predessor, will make 300bhp at the wheels. Having been unveiled at this years British Auto Show, the RS is the hottest thing in Europe, certain to dominate the thirty-something market. US buyers should feel lucky, as we have a very friendly, normally aspirated Focus, or the ultra chic Ford Fusion to choose from (add sarcasm). Sad but true, US buyers will have to look elsewhere for their thrills. Gentlemen of the UK, we're jealous, enjoy // 07.30.2008


There was speculation that the next version of the RS4 and forthcoming RS5, would be powered by a worked over version of Audi’s bi-turbo V6. As much as we like boost, hearing the growl of a six cylinder, waiting for the turbo’s to spool, there is something to be said for good old V8 horsepower. Currently under the hood of the RS4, is Audi’s ever popular 4.2Liter V8. Having just announced that next years RS4 and RS5 models will remain in the V8 family, came as a bit of a surprise to Audi enthusiasts (considering today's fuel costs). An updated 4.2 making somewhere around 470bhp is what we can expect, but noting official as of yet. More when we know more // 07.30.2008



Just bought the new iPhone 2.0, and wonder how well your M3 corners, but don’t want to spring for the suction cup windscreen mounted, touch screen doo hicky? Enter BunsenTech. Having just released an iPhone software ($13, downloadable at iTunes), you can now measure lateral G’s, 0-60 times, and 1/4 mile times without any additional hardware. Just download and go. No plug ins, no cords, just place your iPhone 2.0 firmly between the seats and let the testing begin (safely). The BunsenTech Dynolicious program is accurate to within .08 of a second and 1.5mph. We’ll take one // 07.30.2008


Making its US debut, the Gumpert Apollo was anything but classy. The first Apollo to hit our shores managed to high center itself on a speed bump! Produced by Gumpert Sportwagenmanufaktur of Germany, the Apollo is the first and only of its kind. 650bhp is derived from a twin turbocharged 4.2 Liter V8, six speeds to choose from and a curb weight of 2425lbs should make for a potent mix, but they must have left the aesthetics to a blind man. German space program meets concept car, meets carbon fiber gullwing. The brain child of former Audi designer Roland Gumpert and his partner Roland Mayer, the Apollo is intended to compete with the likes of the Porsche GT3. Impressive handling and power? Yes. But if looks could kill... // 07.30.2008



Seen it on other blogs, thought we'd join in on the fun. Some of the ColdTrackDays staff members have taken a liking to Vintage Motorsport Magazine, an all encompassing look at old cars on the race track. Just so happens, this month's issue features a write up on the SOVREN race at Pacific Raceways over the July 4th weekend, an event ColdTrackDays had a booth at, an event we did quite a bit of coverage for. The ColdTrackDays staff has also been perusing the pages of Octane Magazine. This month's issue features an in depth article, looking at nearly every variation and incarnation of 911RS. Octane has good content and would make a great table side accomplice, as you scroll the articles of ColdTrackDays.com // 07.29.2008


In addition to the Star Mazda series, the Playboy MX-5 Cup, Spec Miata and the drift exhibition, the Mazda Grand Prix of Portland was host to the only West coast stop for the Volkswagen Jetta TDI Cup. We reported on these turbo diesel terrors a weeks ago, so we wont go into too much detail. Lets just say, our editor went for a ‘media ride’ in one of the spec race cars (with Mark Miller driving no less) and was thoroughly impressed with the 2.0 Liter turbo diesel racer. Built to spec and maintained by Arciero-Miller Racing, this is truly a drivers battle, and battle it out they did. Josh Hurley, 23, took the checkered flag first, after having qualified second for this weekends race. The second to see the checkered, was 16 year old Liam Keeney, and taking third was NW native David Jurca. A field of 30 cars took the track, a few didn’t make the finish, but this weekends Jetta TDI cup race was other wise some ‘good clean racing.’ Check out our Photo Gallery for some great action shots, and stay tuned to ColdTrackDays, as we will be following these clean diesel racers through the rest of the season // 07.29.2008


A good mix is what we came to see at the Mazda Grand Prix of Portland. Formula cars, spec racing series cars and of course the drifters. Looking for some seat time, a few pro drivers (via Formula D), as well as a few local boys, came out to show the crowd how its done. With limited practice time, the drift crew took the track for a half hour, laying down smoke and tearing off bumpers in the process. Matt McCoy, owner of The Dori Shop, a Vancouver (WA) based tuner, was out with his Nissan 180sx. Handing the keys over to Formula D driver Calvin Wan (Calvin’s ride was in the shop), Matt is far more gracious than we would be with our rides. Powered by a SR20DET and featuring the usual tid bits associated with throwing your car sideways, McCoy’s 180sx held its own with the 2005 Mustang of Tony Brakohiapa. A good show is what we were expecting, and a good show is what they put on. Big thanks to Matt McCoy for all the information, and for letting Calvin Wan rip it up in his Nissan. If you are interested in some more NW drift action, head out to Evergreen Speedway on August 9th for the 4th round of the Formula D championship. More pics are available in our Photo Gallery // 07.29.2008


This past weekend saw a whole host of things hit the track at Portland International Raceway. Saturday, the Driving Sports Time Attack Challenge took place, a four hour battle for fastest lap, that drew an interesting mix of automobiles. Out of the entrants, looking to set a new lap record, was the Cobb Tuning Nissan GT-R. Right hand drive and ready to show off, the Cobb Tuning boys dialed the GT-R in, apparently having to hack the ECU as to allow the car to unleash its true potential. A few hours of tuning and they cut it loose on the 12 turn, 1.9 mile circuit. Taking first in class, it was impressive to see the GT-R on track. Big thanks to Mike Hiransomboon for the photos //

Complete results are as follows:

Formula: Performance Mobility, 1992 Swift 2000cc - 1.18.731

Pro AWD: Cobb Tuning, 2009 Nissan GT-R - 1.22.19
Pro RWD: TC Motorsports, 2008 Mustang FR500S - 1.26.012
Pro FWD: 1ntenths Motorsports, 1993 Honda Civic - 1.33.12

Mod AWD: Adrenaline Racing, 2005 Subaru STI - 1.29.679
Mod RWD: Apex Restoration, 1993 Mazda RX-7 - 1.28.07
Mod FWD: Cobb Tuning, 2007 Mazdaspeed3 - 1.32.21

Stay tuned for coverage from the SCCA Time Trials at Bremerton, as our ColdTrackDays 'Drift Correspondent' Russell O'Connell was there to cover all the action // 07.29.2008



The battle at ‘the ring’ is far from over. We have been reporting all summer on some unofficial 'time attack' events being held at the Nurburgring. Nearly every major automaker has been seen testing, laying down hot laps in what has become a supercar battle for fastest lap, and some serious bragging rights. Chevrolet holds the top spot for now, having bested the Nissan GT-R by a solid three seconds. Now its Audi’s turn. Enter the R8 V10. Take the already potent R8 supercar, stuff a normally aspirated ten cylinder, making 535bhp in it, and what do you get? Audi claims that what you will have is a mid-engined, all-wheel drive Corvette eater. To be unveiled at the Paris Auto Show in October, we will have to wait until then to know for sure. Hey, who doesn’t like a little friendly competition... //07.28.2008


The Nissan GT-R, a car known only as myth to us stateside consumers, is coming to our shores. Like Godzilla rising from the depths, the GT-R is expected to crush any and all, leaving supercar destruction in its wake. For those solely concerned with lap day destruction, time attack supremacy and otherwise impractical day to day transportation, the GT-R Spec-V is for you. The Spec-V will offer seating for only two, doing away with that pesky bench seat in the rear (who needs friends anyway) and will shave a solid 200lbs off the curb weight. The power train will see a 40bhp bump, bringing the twin turbo V6 to (a claimed) 520bhp and 440 lb/ft of torque. In keeping with the ‘Battle at the Ring,’ Nissan is claiming their Spec-V will run sub 7:30 laps, even going so far as to say a 7:25 is possible, a number that would shrug the ZR1 from its top spot. Considering the standard (if you can call it standard) GT-R ran a 7:29 lap, we feel it is safe to say the Spec-V is more than capable. Stay tuned // 07.28.2008


The 2009 Porsche Targa will see an update, adding a new dimension to open air vehicles. 16.5 sq/ft of glass was used atop the new Targa, offering adequate sunshine immersion and ample head room. The new top splits in two pieces, with the forward pieces of glass sliding beneath the rear in under seven seconds. For those looking to keep their sun exposure limited (baldy), an automated sunscreen, operating separate of the sliding glass top, is available. Two variants of the Targa will be offered, the 911 Targa 4, with a 3.6L flat-six making 345bhp, and the 911 Targa 4S, with 3.8 liters and 385 ponies. Available in October of this year, the Targa 4 will start at $89,500, while the 4S will run you a cool $100,100. Not fans of the original Targa Porsche's, the ColdTrackDays staff has grown a liking to the new incarnation, we’ll take one (in black) // 07.28.2008


Damon Hill, former Formula One champion (1996) and son to legendary Graham Hill, announced yesterday, that he will pilot a Tesla Roadster in the GreenFleet Capital Arrive n’ Drive 2008 event. Set to promote alternative transportation and cleaner air quality in London, the event begins at the London Horse Guards Parade, on July 31st. One of 20 vehicles, Hill will drive the 33 mile course hoping to promote both the Tesla Roadster, as well as electric vehicles as a motorsports alternative. In regards to the event, Darryl Siry, senior VP of sales, marketing and service, for Tesla Motors said: “It is a huge privilege for Damon Hill to present the Tesla Roadster to car enthusiasts on the capital’s streets. This will be a perfect opportunity for people to witness high performance and fun motoring without the need to compromise the environment.” Another step toward eco-powered auto racing. Mixed feelings on electric vehicles from the ColdTrackDays camp, though the aesthetics sit pretty well with us // 07.28.2008


We are uncertain how something like this could happen, but even the greats make mistakes, big ones. Ferrari had rented out the infamous Nurburgring Nordschleiffe for a day of testing. Michael Schumacher, you know, all time winning F1 driver, was behind the wheel of a Ferrari prototype based on the 430 Scuderia, a car which he helped develop. According to F1-Live: “Schumacher went off the damp track at over 250 km/h (155 mph) at the high-speed Schwedenkruz corner and hit a guard rail, severely damaging the car and forcing the test crew to switch to a second vehicle.” Details are sketchy at best, with conflicting stories as to who was really behind the wheel during the accident. Foggier still, is the actual vehicle Schumacher was driving. Was it the successor to the F430? A replacement for the Enzo? Stay tuned // 07.28.2008



The ColdTrackDays staff would like to welcome aboard a new photographer, Linhbergh Nguyen. Some of you may recognize his photos from this weeks 'Eye Candy' posting, as well as our coverage of the Red Line Time Attack. Linhbergh is a California based photographer and graphic designer, a fine example of what you should be doing with a camera and a fan of the Mazda Miata, as evidence through his blog postings. We look forward to having some live coverage from the golden state, and can't wait to see what Mr.Nguyen will shoot next. For a some examples of his work, click here // 07.27.2008


Michael Caine // Italian Job T-Shirt

On our list of influences, second only to Steve McQueen, is Michael Caine. British actors during the '60's and '70's represented a level of class and style that has been absent ever since, and we can only hope to capture a small bit of that in our own lives. Having recently finished watching the original version of The Italian Job, we began hunting around on the internet for some cool Michael Caine gear. We came across this, a solid black t-shirt, silk screened with Mr.Caine's likeness, as well as one of the Mini Cooper's made famous in the film. Available for £14.99 ($29.99 USD), thats a steal as far as we are concerned // 07.26.2008

All British Field Meet // Bellevue, WA

Today saw the 20th annual All British Field Meet at the Bellevue Community College campus. We sent a ColdTrackDays staff member to cover the affair and he returned with a handful of photos and a few stories. Washington's largest British car show, this years field meet honored 60 years of Jaguar, featuring the automaker as their marque. With over 600 entrants, there was something for everyone. An abundance of Rolls Royce's and Aston Martins, as well as Austin Healey's, MG's and a slew of vintage British motorcycles. Quite the turn out. For additional photo's, check out our photo gallery // 07.26.2008

FortuneSport // Supercar of the Future

FortuneSport, based in Georgia, announced today its intentions to produce a supercar they dubbed the Rt.S. Designer Emmre Husmen described the car as a “vision of sports cars in the year 2035.” Notice lines similiar to the Bugatti Veyron or the Audi R8? Expected to debut in 2010, the Rt.S will feature a mid-mounted V8 and be capable of 0-60 times in the sub four second range. For additional info click here // 07.26.2008

Eye Candy // A Proper Bimmer

Yet another piece of 'Eye Candy.' Say hello to Trevor Spencer's 1975 BMW 2002. We at ColdTrackDays feel that any true motorsports fan should, at one point or another, enjoy the finer things that an old BMW can provide. Spencer's 2002 has seen a few upgrades, to include E30 seats, custom exhaust and suspension work, as well as the obvious aesthetic improvements. We like it // 07.26.2008

32 Hours 7 Minutes // A Documentary

Cross country, high speed, high stakes racing has been around for a while. Think of the earliest incarnation of the Bull Run or the Gumball Rally. Little was known about them at the time, and even less is known about them today. There was no press coverage, no photo shoots and driver profiles, there was only myth. A rumor, that had you been here an hour ago, two Ferrari's would have blown past you at 150mph. To commerate this early daredevil venture, a documentary has been in the works for sometime now. Titled 32 Hours 7 Minutes, the film chronicles high stakes cross country racing here in the states, from its earliest inception to its most current form. Not yet complete, tune in to their blog for twice weekly updates on the film // 07.26.2008


Lapping 'The Ring' // Renault Megane R26.R

In proper French fashion, Renault was looking to take some of the glory from its rival auto makers, when it set the new lap record for fastest production class FWD vehicle. Renault's over the top Megane R26.R laid down a 8m 17s lap at the ring, a far cry from the Corvette ZR1 or Nissan GT-R, but then again, the R26.R is running on two liters and 230bhp. Impressive. French. We like it // 07.25.2008

Pro3 // Race #7 at Pacific Raceways

For those of us on limited budgets, a spec racing series is about our only option. Providing a large field of cars, reasonable entry costs and competitive racing, the Northwest Pro3 series represents all of that and more. Pro3 racing has been of interest to the ColdTrackDays staff for a while now. We have been at a number of races, browsed the photos on Flickr, read the rules and regulations and are considering a ColdTrackDays sponsored car for next season. As for this season, the Pro3 guys are six races into a twelve race calendar and the weekend of August 2-3 will see them return to Pacific Raceways for their seventh race. Big thanks to Creager Photgraphy for the photos. Interested in building a Pro3 car yourself? Click here // 07.25.2008

Living It Up // Monticello Motor Club

Living in Manhattan, feeling unable to utilize the potential of your newly purchased 911 GT2? Interested in private access to a 4.1 mile, 22 turn, newly built, state of the art race track? Have an extra $125,000 for initiation? How about the $7500 in yearly dues? If you anwsered yes to the above questions, the Monticello Motor Club (MMC) is just for you. Private is an understatement, and the motor club offers more than just motoring. Full spa service, a place for the kids, it is not surprise the MMC is by invitation only. Sign me up // 07.25.2008

At The Track // Fiat 500 Abarth

Umberto Scandola pilots the Fiat 500 Abarth Assetto Corse at speed. Fiat is producing only 50 of these track ready 500 Abarth's, and have tuned the turbocharged 1.4 liter to a solid 200bhp and 221 lb/ft of torque. Minus 400 pounds in body weight from an already subcompact auto, and you have a potent little car. Those Italians sure know how to do it // 07.25.2008


Tuner Battle // Redline Time Attack

With the Redline Time Attack and Live Sockets Battle having just wrapped up at the California Speedway, we thought we would share a few pics from the event. For those unfamiliar with Time Attack, think qualifying sessions gone wild, where the fastest time wins and you are allotted a certain amount of time to lay down your fastest lap. A great venue for tuners to show off their mechanical creations, drivers to showcase some skill behind the wheel and spectators to catch some wild cars going all out for fast lap supremacy. On the local side, this weekend will see the Northwest Region SCCA Time Trials at Bremerton Motorsport Park, as well as the Driving Sports Time Attack Challenge at Portland. Our ColdTrackDays 'Drift Correspondent', Russell O'Connell, will be live at the SCCA Time Trials to cover the action, so stay tuned for some post event coverage. In the mean time, enjoy these shots from California Speedway via Kinod Photography // 07.24.2008

It's For Real // 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe

We promise you, you are not seeing things. Yes, those are the rear wheels billowing smoke. Yes, that is a six speed manual gear box tucked tightly between a pair of well bolstered buck seats. Yes, it does look a bit like the Tiburon, but just that much better. ColdTrackDays welcomes the introduction of the Hyundai Genesis with a big “what the hell took so long!” Long overdue is a rear drive, affordable, tuner friendly, Japanese, no wait, Korean, sport coupe. What you are looking at is the 2010 Hyundai Genesis, a rear drive two door, with engine options that are sure to make the thirty somethings happy. How about a 3.8L V6 good for 310bhp, or a 2.0L (Mitsubishi Evo X derived) turbocharged four cylinder good for 223bhp. Slated for stateside introduction in February of next year, consumers are excited, tuners are excited and we cannot wait to see what the Genesis is capable of. Stay tuned // 07.24.2008

Michael Schumacher // On The Ferrari California

ColdTrackDays has done quite a bit of reporting on the forthcoming Ferrari California. Showing readers the early pre-production shots, the factory assembly line as well as a video displaying the automated hardtop in action. But who better to give the California their thumbs up, then the best Ferrari driver we can think of, Michael Schumacher. Enjoy // 07.24.2008

Shocking News // Formula One To Delay KERS?

Formula One is the base for many automotive achievements. Teams with no salary caps, enough engineers and scientists to launch a moon mission and an ever growing demand to optimize and improve, allowing drivers to withstand more and cars to go that much faster. Enter KERS. Short for Kinetic Energy Recovery System, KERS represents both the future of F1 as well as the future of our own motoring, and is slated for introduction during the 2009 season. Essentially trapping, storing and reusing energy produced at the flywheel, similar to a hydroelectric dam, KERS will produce an additional 80bhp over the course of six and a half seconds. This is all sounding great, however, the current F1 teams are having a bit of trouble with it. Smoke and fumes rose from the inner quarters of UK based Red Bull, a BMW-Sauber mechanic was nearly shocked to death, lets just say KERS is a long way from race ready. So here is the dilemma. The FIA has scheduled the KERS introduction for the ‘09 season, yet there is not a single team ready, none with a fully functional prototype and certainly none ready to compete. Toyota engine boss Luca Marmorini was quoted as saying, “All teams are having problems at the moment. Building a safe system is proving a difficult thing. For 2009, time is running out. To me, it would be more logical to test it for a year before we use it at the races. For us at Toyota, safety has the highest priority.” Similar comments are reverberating throughout the Formula One ranks and all are equally concerned for driver safety as well as usability. Will KERS make its debut in 2009, or will the FIA push the deadline back? More when we know more // 07.24.2008