West coast sports car racing... Some of the most beautiful tracks in the U.S. reside here. But the cars who race on them can vary, and not only in speed, and class, but by there engine. This story is dedicated to a couple of rotary racing nuts, who love their old school Mazda's.

Residing from the Northwest there are two or three old school RX3's that hit the track. 
One of which being Gary Bockman's GT3 Peripheral Port, Dry Sump, RX3. (Car #09) Gary went to the SCCA Runoffs this past year and finished 6th at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, proving that it doesn't take a newly built car to run up front. Also residing from the Pacific Northwest 
is local racer Scott Shobert in his very clean E-Prod. RX3. 

Moving along to a couple first Gen.'s we have Danny Bradshaw running his '79 E-Prod. Mazda RX7. 
Running some slick looking flares, this car has it's own look to compared to the usual wide body kit that is often run in the EP class. 

From there we move to Chris McIntire's 1st Gen. RX7. This car has a lot of history running at the SCCA Runoffs back in the Mid-2000's, with Ernie Anderson behind the wheel. It still runs at the front of the EP field 10 years later. 

Stay tuned for The Mazda Rotary Article Part 2 featuring some more of the awesome West Coast rotary racers.

Editorial and Photos: Austin Bradshaw, Flying Bye Photo.

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