Celebrating the teams return to Formula One, Lotus is set to release a special edition of their Exige two seater, paying tribute to the teams legendary Type 72 Formula One car.

The famous black and gold JPS sponsored Lotus 72 claimed 20 Grand Prix victories between 1970 and 1975 and according to Lotus the new Exige S Type 72 features once more the distinctive black and gold exterior albeit bereft of the tobacco advertising that ruled F1 back in the seventies... [read more]

The special-edition S Type 72 is equipped with a 'Sport Pack' as standard, which consists of a bespoke high quality interior, including black micro fiber ProBax sports seats complete with gold stitching. Power still comes from the 1.8L 4-cylinder which produces 220bhp. Performance wise, the 72 should reach 60mph in 4.5 seconds and top out at just over 144mph.

The UK will receive just 20 cars which is the same number of GP wins achieved by the Type 72 F1 car.

Lotus have said that similar limited numbers should also be available soon in both Europe and Japan.

The Lotus 72 F1 car (below) was yet another innovative design from the late Colin Chapman, which featured ground breaking design changes including side mounted radiators and an overhead air intake. Also with Its advanced aero design, the Lotus 72 was quite simply years ahead of its rivals.

Photo: Lotus
Editorial: Neil Tozer

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