Here's taking my '06 CRG Heron chassis and turning it into something special. Hours and hours of work and this is the final result. We started with, a bare '06 CRG Heron+ Chassis, which we purchased in September of 2014 for $500. Starting with the body work, as you may or may not notice, the body is actually made for a similar looking Kali kart CRG chassis... [read more]

Our buddy Mike from Shark Shifter had this brand new body kit, with the original CRG livery on it, for us to use. Mike also did the fab work in order to make the new style body fit on the old style frame.

From there we move to the tank. Didn't to much here, as we had the brand new tank in the garage before we even bought the kart. Roaming Ebay, we found these CRG tank stickers which blend almost perfectly in with the age of the livery. $30 spent on the stickers, but they really help complete the kart I think. Plus orange fuel line for the breather tube. 

Original steering wheel from CRG with the Michron T2, sporting the CRG sticker to help tie it in to the kart. 

Brand new Douglas wheels on all 4 corners, running a brand new set of Bridgestone YLC tires.

Original CRG floor pan cleaned up and polished. Note that the Kali front nose was modified to fit on the Heron chassis, and required some modification. Gold spacers, and gold tie rods, and various nuts and bolts carry the gold theme throughout the kart giving it that extra mile look. 

Engine package is a Yamaha KT100 running a Jr. Pipe which is faster then the 4 hole can, but a little bit slower compared to a full on DD87 or L2 pipe. We just got a DD87 for it, but will be running the new kart as is with the Jr. Pipe to get comfortable with the chassis before upgrading. Woltjer racing built Carb. Also running a single disk L & T dry clutch. 

After 6 months of work she turned out amazing and I couldn't have been happier. Being an editor for CTD, I hope you guys enjoy me sharing a little bit of my personal side with you. 

Questions about the kart can be sent to myself, Austin: flyingphotoaustin@gmail.com 

Photo(s) and Editorial: Austin Bradshaw 

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