FROM THE SIDELINES // 2010 SILVERSTONE CLASSICThe Silverstone Classic is one of the biggest classic racing festivals in Europe. It’s up there with the Goodwood Revival and it all takes place at a backdrop with has as much history and prestige as the Goodwood Circuit itself. The 2010 Silverstone Classic is slightly different from last years event which was absolutely fantastic in every single way. This year’s event was another great event but it couldn’t quite match last years Classic for a number of reasons... [read more]

FROM THE SIDELINES // 2010 SILVERSTONE CLASSICLast year the monstrous Group C Le Mans Prototypes descended on Silverstone bringing with them a cacophony of rumbling and screaming V8’s, howling Jaguar V12’s and shrill turbo charged 6 and 8 cylinder engines. This year there are no Group C cars at Silverstone but hopefully they will be back on the line-up for the 2011 Silverstone Classic.

FROM THE SIDELINES // 2010 SILVERSTONE CLASSICAlso missing from the line up this year are the touring cars, the 1980’s and 1990’s touring cars which took part in the David Leslie Memorial Trophy were not present this year. Last year both races produced close and exciting racing up and down the field with various Super Touring Cars from Honda, Ford, Nissan and Vauxhall mixing it with Group A cars such as the BMW M3 and the Ford Sierra RS500.

FROM THE SIDELINES // 2010 SILVERSTONE CLASSICHowever though, despite a rather less enticing mix of racing, there was still some very tasty machinery on offer this year. The World Sports Car Masters were the undoubted highlight of the Sunday race day. The 1970’s sports cars made a simply unforgettable noise, with a slew of Lola T70’s, Abarth Osellas, Chevrons of various shapes and sizes and of course the Ford GT40 amongst others. The race was eventually won by one of the fabulous V8 engines Lola T70’s, in particular the car of Steve Tandy.

FROM THE SIDELINES // 2010 SILVERSTONE CLASSICThe next race of the day which was for pre 1961 grand prix cars saw some of the rarest and most expensive cars of the weekend racing. For the first time ever I got to see a Ferrari 250F racing as well which can only be described as pornography. The simple elegant shape and the ear splitting 6 cylinder growl was glorious, these cars made up for their lack of speed with their sublime looks and glorious soundtrack. Gary Pearson would eventually take the race in for the pre ‘61 grand prix cars in his BRM P25.

FROM THE SIDELINES // 2010 SILVERSTONE CLASSICThe big highlight of the weekend though is of course the pre ‘85 F1 cars. The grid is large and varied with cars from Arrows, Tyrrell and Benetton to name a few. The one thing that will live with anyone who see’s these cars racing is the noise. The rolling start from Copse corner was incredible, you can barely hear the grumble of Cosworth DFV as the cars potter up the start/finish line. When the lights go green the deafening blare of 20+ 3.0 Cosworth V8’s on open exhausts is enough to split the sky and peel paint off walls, awesome doesn’t even begin to describe the noise of these cars.

FROM THE SIDELINES // 2010 SILVERSTONE CLASSICThese cars don’t just make a staggering, earth shattering noise but they are seriously quick. The quicker cars attacking Copse corner and the Maggots, Becketts complex with awesome speed right on the ragged edge. The battle for the lead lasted for much of the race. Eventually it was the hard charging Bill Coombs in his Tyrrell 009 that claimed victory after a race long battle with the Arrows A4 of Steve Hartley.

FROM THE SIDELINES // 2010 SILVERSTONE CLASSICAfter a great day of racing in the heat, humidity and patchy sunshine at the Silverstone Classic it was time to go home. With ears ringing from screaming Cosworth V8’s and thunderous Chevrolet V8 engines and a healthy dose of sunburn it was time to head home. With I would take yet more good memories from the Silverstone Classic and already I can’t wait for next years Silverstone Classic. I do however though hope that the Group C Le Mans Prototypes return along with the cars of the David Leslie Memorial Trophy, things weren’t quite the same without those boys and girls from last year.

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Photo/Editorial: Stephen Hodges

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