According to Autosport, Aston Martin Racing will build six of their next LMP1 prototypes for privateers and collectors. This would be the first time since 1989 that Aston Martin made their prototypes available to the public. However, the plans for a bespoke AMR prototype hinge on whether the British automaker even intends to build a new LMP1 entry at all... [read more]

Last week, David Richards, chairman of Prodrive and Aston Martin Racing, said that a new Aston Martin LMP1 would be built if AMR could be certain their gasoline powered V12 would be competitive with the turocharged diesel powerplants used by Audi and Peugeot. And while nothing is certain just yet, the Jota Sport team did finalize a multiyear deal with Aston Martin in early April, and, assuming the team intends to race prototypes, it would make sense that AMR supply them. More when we know more.

Image: Phil Woodard
Info: Autosport
Editorial: Justin W. Coffey

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