Both Andy Priaulx and Yvan Muller took unexpected race victories at Monza yesterday in the third round of this years World Touring Car Championship. The BMW and Chevrolet drivers were handed victory through the misfortune of others as a spate of tyre failures hit Tarquini and Huff in race one and then the Seat of Mickael Nykjaer in race two... [read more]

The opening race had seen Tarquini lead onto the final lap before suffering a front blow-out at the Ascari chicane. With this Robb Huff looked odds on to take the flag with only half a lap to go but amazingly he had the same tyre failure going into the final turn allowing the chasing BMW's of Priaulx and Farfus through to victory. Notably Huff continued to the line and third place albeit on the deflated tyre.

Reverse grid race two saw Nykjaer on pole alongside Tarquini as the lights went out. The former Danish touring car champion took the lead when Tarquini was handed a drive through penalty for a jumped start. After building a comfortable cushion over his rivals heartbreak struck as the Sunred Seat fell foul to yet another front left tyre failure just as the Dane started the last lap. Picking up the pieces was Frenchman Yvan Muller in the Chevrolet Cruze, as the former champion duly accepted the victory and with it a 24 point lead in the championship standings.

Race One Results:

1. Andy Priaulx BMW 18m32.008s
2. Augusto Farfus BMW +0.248
3. Robert Huff Chevrolet +1.653
4. Yvan Muller Chevrolet +1.820
5. Tom Coronel SEAT +2.271
6. Fredy Barth SEAT +2.308
7. Gabriele Tarquini SEAT +2.375
8. Michel Nykjaer SEAT +2.726
9. Tiago Monteiro SEAT +3.243
10. Mehdi Bennani BMW +3.972
11. Harry Vaulkhard Chevrolet +9.032
12. Stefano D'Aste BMW +10.000
13. Sergio Hernandez BMW +11.575
14. Andrey Romanov BMW +30.320
15. Fabio Fabiani BMW +59.155
16. Jordi Gené SEAT + 1 lap
17. Alain Menu Chevrolet + 1 lap

Race Two Results:

1. Yvan Muller Chevrolet 18m29.805s
2. Tom Coronel SEAT +0.512
3. Rob Huff Chevrolet +0.822
4. Augusto Farfus BMW +1.001
5. Andy Priaulx BMW +1.742
6. Jordi Gene SEAT +3.495
7. Tiago Monteiro SEAT +4.197
8. Norbert Michelisz SEAT +4.580
9. Alain Menu Chevrolet +5.099
10. Leonel Pernia Chevrolet +9.918
11. Stefano D'Aste BMW +11.856
12. Darryl O'Young Chevrolet +13.499
13. Harry Vaulkhard Chevrolet +14.368
14. Fredy Barth SEAT +14.506
15. Kristian Poulsen BMW +14.836
16. Sergio Hernandez BMW +15.266
17. Mehdi Bennani BMW +33.557
18. Fabio Fabiani BMW +49.454

Editorial: Neil Tozer
Photos: WTCC

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