Superlap Australia hosted a dramatic and exciting World Time Attack Challenge at the Eastern Creek International Raceway just outside of Sydney, Australia over the weekend. The event saw cars shipped in from Japan and the United States to take on the local talent in the time Attack format of racing which proved to be popular with the crowds that flocked to the event... [read more]

The first race seasons on Friday saw some blistering times being set, driver David Empringham set a flying lap of 1min 32.248 secs - more than a second faster than the next quickest car, the Tomei/Cusco team WRX driven by the legendary Tarzan Yamada (1 min 33.408).

Third was the Hankook-tyred R-Magic Pink No.4 RX-7 driven by Kinoshita Matsuhiro with a 1 min 33.505.

The drivers soon caught wind that the V8 Supercar record at the track has been held by Mark Scaife for 11 years at 1min 31.730sec and they took to the task of betting this time.

David Empringham: "It was an OK run. There's a lot more in the car but I had some trouble getting enough heat in the tyres. I think we can beat the V8 Supercar lap record here (1min 31.730sec) - I can taste it! You can't get greedy in the corners here because you slide and that just costs time. The extra time is going to come from being more aggressive but smoother - and convincing Eric to turn up the boost!"

As temperatures increased throughout the day, the teams looked towards Saturdays morning’s season to reach the unofficial target they had set themselves.

In the first session of Day 2 at Eastern Creek International Raceway in Sydney the Hankook Sierra Evo driven by David Empringham lowered its benchmark time - becoming the first car to get into the 31 second bracket.

The time of 1min 31.884 should have allowed the American team to rest easy, but for the sensational performance of Japan's Tarzan Yamada in two cars.

First he set a 1min 31.901 in the Tomei/Cusco Impreza and then blew everyone away with a 1min 30.899 in the Sun Cyber Evo - a car that did not turn a wheel yesterday while waiting for replacement engine parts to be flown from Japan.

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Photo/Editorial: Achilles Zsolti


  1. Tuner cars beating V8 Supercars (albeit 11 year-old ones)... incredible.

  2. Robert - While you might think about it as an 11 year old car, that is faster than the current V8 Supercars.

    The last time they were there was 2008 - http://www.natsoft.com.au/cgi-bin/results.cgi?09/03/2008.ECIR.Q6

    So while it's an old record, that gives it particular significance!

    And yes, when tuner cars on semi slicks beat an 11 year old record set on slick tyres, that is incredible! They still run on essentially the same Dunlop tyres today (they have done since 1993!) and seeing them rocket around that track, just WOW! :-)

  3. Also don't forget it was the very first time at Eastern Creek for both Sierra Sierra and CyberEvo.