The gods are listening. According to a press release sent out yesterday, SPEED will be launching an authenticated online network, what they are calling SPEED 2, that will feature nothing but proper motosports streaming live 24 hours a day. The network will be available only to those currently subscribing to the SPEED network and will feature live streaming coverage of the FIA GT1 and GT3 World and European Championship Touring Car Series, German Touring Car, World Touring Car Championship, Intercontinental Rally, British Touring Car Championship and many more... [read more]


New Broadband Network SPEED2TM Set to Launch Summer 2010

More Than a Dozen International Racing Series Slated for Inaugural Online Lineup

CHARLOTTE, NC (May 10, 2010) – SPEED2, a groundbreaking new broadband network featuring live, streaming events that will complement the tremendous offerings of the linear SPEED network, is set to launch Summer 2010, it was announced today by SPEED President Hunter Nickell.

A beta version of SPEED2 will be available in June 2010 with a wider consumer debut targeted for July. Available only to SPEED subscribers as an authenticated online network, SPEED2 also will provide a variety of video-on-demand international motor sports content and compelling automotive and motorcycle enthusiast programming.

“NASCAR, the most popular form of motor sports in North America, is the foundation and top priority of the linear network,” Nickell said. “Developing SPEED2 provides a dedicated platform for a wider variety of racing, including some of the coolest international events from tracks around the world.”

Magazine shows, such as Motorsports Mundial and Inside Grand Prix, will be featured on SPEED2, and the network’s more than a dozen international racing series includes the Time Trial Xtreme Grand Prix (TTXGP), a race featuring zero-carbon, clean-emission motorcycles. Following is an initial list of the races scheduled exclusively for SPEED2:

FIA GT1 and GT3 (World and European Championship Touring Car Racing Series)
German Touring Car (DTM)
World Touring Car Championship (WTCC)
Intercontinental Rally
British Touring Car Championship (BTCC)
FIM Motocross World Championship (All-Terrain Motorcycle Racing)
FIM Supermoto World Championship (Motorcross and Off-Road Racing)
FIM Enduro World Championship
(Long Distance Off-Road Motorcycle Racing)
N├╝rburgring 24 (Touring Car Endurance Racing)
Formula 2
(Open Wheel Formula Racing)
F3 Euroseries
(European Open Wheel Developmental Racing Series)
VW Scirocco Cup (German Single-Make Racing Series)

“SPEED2 will be at the cutting edge of new media programming,” said Mike Biard, Executive Vice President, Fox Networks Affiliate Sales and Marketing. “Our distributors have been seeking more online content to complement their video offerings, and this network will deliver what drives viewership—exclusive live events and dramatic action—all in an authenticated online environment.”

Both standard and high-definition content will be provided on SPEED2, and the broadband network will also have access to an extensive programming library from SPEED’s 14 years on the air, including the popular series American Muscle Car, Behind the Headlights, Back in the Day and Victory by Design.

SPEED™, anchored by its popular and wide-ranging coverage of NASCAR, is the nation’s first and only cable television network dedicated to automotive and motorcycle racing, performance and lifestyle. Now available in more than 80 million homes in North America, SPEED, a FOX Sports property, is among the industry leaders in interactive TV, video on demand, mobile initiatives and broadband services. For more information, please visit SPEED.com, the online motor sports authority.
Fox Networks Affiliate Sales and Marketing is a unit of Fox Networks Group (FNG) and includes 37 domestic programming services in which FNG holds interests. Together these networks reach more than 550 million subscribing television homes and represent one of the media industry’s largest and most diverse programming groups. Fox Networks Sales and Marketing distributes FX, National Geographic Channel, Nat Geo WILD, Fox Reality Channel, Fox Movie Channel, FUEL TV, FSN and 19 regional cable sports networks, SPEED, Fox Soccer Channel, Fox Soccer Plus,, Fox College Sports, Fox Sports en Espa├▒ol and the Big Ten Network (co-venture with the Big Ten Conference). FNG also includes the FOX broadcast network, Fox Digital Media, and Fox Sports Enterprises, which manages interests in sports franchises and leading statistical information provider STATS, LLC.

Image and Info: SPEEDtv
Editorial: Justin W. Coffey


  1. The Colonel JamesMay 11, 2010 11:19 PM

    Why don't you show these shows instead of Shitty programs like Pass Time, Pinks,Bullrun,Jimmy Spencer What's the Deal, Boring NASCAR one car at a time Qualifying, Monster Jam, Pinks All Out,Fast Track to Fame,Dangerous Drives,The Racing Chef,NASCAR Race Hub,Sounds of NASCAR,Repeats of Barret Jackson from months ago,Race in 60. We want good coverage af good motorspoert, not shit filler.

  2. What Colonel James just said...

  3. How about some Rally-America coverage? Its not like you don't have a built-in audience with big names like Pastrana (who already has his own show on MTV), Block (Gymkana), and Mirra...

    ...and whoever designed/approved 'the Racing Chef' needs to be fired.

  4. I 2nd that Colonel

    Speed was supposed to be a 24/7 network for Racing, but the big cats at Fox got hold of them and poisoned it with their injection of reality TV. Racing is THE BEST reality TV!

  5. The Colonel speaks the truth.

  6. Yeah man. Colonel James said it right. Only reason I turn on Speed anymore is for F1 races. Sad really.

  7. Right on Colonel!

  8. TOTALLY agree with The Colonel - SpeedTV took a dive once Nascar took over. The only decent shows are F1 and usually the 12-2 during the week (when most of us are at work).

  9. PLEASE listen to Colonel! We don't care about reality stuff. If you're worried about the NASCAR fans, they're racing fans too. If not, start giving them ads for Fox Reality during their races so they know where to go to get their crap TV.

  10. This will be better than nothing but I can't tell you how disappointed I am with my decision to get a cable package with Speed. Nascar preempts everything and those terrible redneck reality shows are unbearable. When they do play something worthwhile(F1, MotoGP) they cut to commercial whenever the race begins to form a rhythm. Also, their "live" coverage is about 6-10 laps behind reality. I actually prefer to find a bootleg stream on the internet with a tiny little skittery window to watching their version.

  11. Speed will become what MTV has for music videos. Useless, like MTV they are starting another channel that will show what people really want to see; and soon it will become like MTV 2 and show the same crap that the original channel does. It will be were racing goes to die. I personally loved the WRC but any kind of rally racing is far more exciting than pinks all out or pass time.

  12. "Available only to SPEED subscribers as an authenticated online network, SPEED2 also will provide a variety of video-on-demand international motor sports content and compelling automotive and motorcycle enthusiast programming."

    Oh well. I don't subscribe to SPEED, as I'm not willing to pay $80 a month (the minimum package fro that SPEED is included).

  13. Hey Justin,

    That news makes my day. I think I will have to set it as my homepage on my work computer!


  14. I agree with everyone else. What's the point of having a channel called Speed if you don't show anything but shit reality TV series and fucking Nascar. If I wanted to watch Nascar, I'd watch regular TV and then I'd shoot myself in the face from boredom. Speed: be awesome. DON'T FOLLOW MTV'S PATH.

  15. "Available only to SPEED subscribers as an authenticated online network"

    What the fuck is that all about?? I get Speed as part of my cable package here in Canada and I am not personally 'signed in' for Speed. How are you going to figure out if I am 'allowed' onto your new online network or not? Other then an IP address that *might* give a hint as to where I am located, how are you going to be able to figure this one out? Cable providers in Canada cannot give out personal information of their subscribers without violating the law.

    I agree with the General; give us the channel we HAD - no more of the channel that FOX *thinks* is needed. Your ratings must look like a fucking test pattern when truck tv or some 4x4 show is broadcast. Does Vince selling slice and dice products get better ratings? My bet is yes. Hey I know, let Vince host a show!

  16. FYI: I *upgraded* the Colonel to General!

  17. Remember SpeedVision? Way to go Speedchannel. Did u just realize all of these years later that people actually watched everything there was to watch on SpeedVision rather than turning it into some bullshit nascar channel with your occasional highlights of racing around the world.

  18. VS. Television FTW

  19. Bring back SpeedVision! A place where we could see things like WRC, V-8 Supercars, New Zealand Sprint Boats, German Touring Car Championship and truck races, not that NASCAR shit or redneck monster trucks, I mean real trucks like the BTRA or ADAC races. How about some Go-Cart racing or an occasional NASA or SCCA club race? But one of the things I miss the most is swamp buggy racing. Yes it was redneck but it was also pointless, silly and above all FUN!
    Come on guys, there's an endless list of motorsports to easily fill up a 24hr schedule with and you could do it even cheaper than any of that reality shit. Just give some guys a couple grand to stand around the track and video the race. It don't even have to be in HD ,I'LL WATCH IT! How much do you pay That dip-shit Rich Christensen anyway?

  20. The Colonel JamesMay 12, 2010 2:03 PM

    I forgot Bullrun. That show really blows.
    Thanks to all for your kind words. I didn't think
    my rant would fire up so many.

  21. Can we make this Speed, on TV, and put the crap on TV now onto this brand new streaming deal so I can continue to ignore it?

    Alternatively, is there I way I can just buy an account for the streaming stuff to show Speed that I hate NASBullPinksChefholdmybeerTV?

  22. I like Bullrun and Monster jam. I would love to see more Rallying and F1 and anything-but-nascar-and-dragracing. They had one rally on some island shown once (I forget the name) It was awesome. It was on at like 1am, but I never saw it again.

    I'm going to the Oregon Trail rally this weekend, too bad speed won't be there. GO KEN BLOCK.

  23. I think some of you may have read this wrong...

    “NASCAR, the most popular form of motor sports in North America, is the foundation and top priority of the linear network. Developing SPEED2 provides a dedicated platform for a wider variety of racing, including some of the coolest international events from tracks around the world.” - SPEED President Hunter Nickell

    The "linear network" he speaks of is SPEED, not SPEED 2.

    And while I agree that North America desperately needs a non-NASCAR racing channel, this might be the closest thing we get, at least for a while...

  24. The Colonel (who has since been rightly promoted to General) hit the nail right on the head. Except for the Formula 1 stuff, I never watch anything on this channel. I used to (when it was Speedvision) but now it's NASCAR this, American Idol wannabe that, Bullcrap, er, I mean Bullrun (seriously, who watches this crap?), NASCAR cooking, NASCAR home decorating, NASCAR Real World, NASCAR farting contest, etc..

  25. I think based on all the comments, its clear what Speed viewers wants. Why are we not getting what we want? Hey Speed, are you listening!

  26. Kudos, General... but let's be realistic: none of the upstairs assholes at FOX actually give a shit about the real base of the network, only the advertisers and their percieved demo.

    1995, at the Monterey Historics: met and had a nice conversation with Roger Werner who convinced us to get satellite TV, and all was wonderful until FOX decided to make Speedvision anything but the original concept.

    Here it is 15 years later... how are the ratings, boys? All those "reality" shows workin' out?

    I'm with others that say put that crap online for fanboys, and broadcast the real shit for us that made the brand. Watch viewership and revenues increase, guaranteed.

  27. With all your bitching, Iwould bet that none of you are old enough to remember having to go and pay to watch Indy and Daytona on closed circuit in a movie theatre. You guys are spoiled rotten and if you don't like Speed channel then good Lord, don't watch it.
    While some of the shows are not totally to my liking it beats the crap out of the garbage and foul language shown on most other channels.
    Appreciate the fact that those of us old geezers who have been following Nascar since the 50's are grateful for what we are able to see and no just because I like Nascar does not mean I don't also enjoy world of outlaws and indycar. Racing in any form beats hell out of all those sissy stick and ball games

  28. I'm guessing the average NASCAR viewer doesn't have an internet connection - or if they do, they use it to browse plentyofrelatives.com...

    this would explain the lopsided online response, and the decision to make this channel online-only.

  29. The Colonel JamesMay 12, 2010 7:19 PM

    I remember going to see the Closed Circut in a Theater Indy 500 with my dad in the 60's as a kid. I also remember the big deal when ABC showed the race on tape delay the same day around 1970 or so.
    I don't hate NASCAR, but I only watch the last 1/2 hour or so of the races, same with Indy car.
    I going to guess the powers that be at Fox figure they can pay for the programing bought by them in a package for the $80.00 a head based on the number of people who write in a bitch about the shitty programing now and want to see something like the old days.
    For the record I have road raced and run stage rallys. I like all motorsport, I don't like watching the last 10 minutes of "Fast Track to Fame" waiting for the Daytona Protype race.
    And that stupid Digger cartoon Rat.

  30. The Colonel has spoken the truth.

  31. For those who like WRC... Discovery's HD Theater (An HD channel available on Comcast.. Maybe on others too.) showed all of last season (Live, I believe).

    I missed it as I don't have that channel, But they seem to have quite a few car shows on there too.

    Also, The race I was talking about earlier that I saw on SPEED was the Targa-Newfoundland.... I'd love more of that.

  32. As much as I hate the current programming slant toward NASCAR, I have to believe the beancounters at Fox know what makes money - and unfortunately, it's NASCAR. And the (altered)reality shows are probably much cheaper to produce than any of the race programming we dearly WANT to see.

  33. Actuallym,The reality shows get very good rating and is watched by the 'key demeographs'.That Robin Miller guys mentioned it in an article on Speedtv.com(which is a fantatsticwebsite,why can't the channel be that good)

  34. why don't they televise the Lotus Challenge Series
    Viewers like us are the racers- non prof.

  35. If you turds want to see European racing, pack your crap up and move over there. NASCAR is the American race. Don't like it....there's the door!

  36. Man,I can not wait for DTM!!!!!!! It's gonna be amazing!!!!!! Hopefully,Speed will broadcast an English telecast,but I'd watch it in German haha.

  37. Maybe the Colonel should go watch another channel, what kind of person watches shows they don`t like??? I don`t like most of those shows so i don`t watch them, i do love nascar coverage, qualifying also. I am a racing fan, whatever happened to the ASA, Hooters, full ARCA coverage and even swamp buggy racing? There`s loads of room for improvement. Again, sorry to hear about the Colonel`s inability to change the channel, hopefully he`ll get that cleared up.

  38. I am a racing fan, whatever happened to the blog news ok dear.

  39. "If you turds want to see European racing, pack your crap up and move over there. NASCAR is the American race. Don't like it....there's the door!"

    You ignorant son of a bitch. Euro racing kicks the crap out of Nascar and it's rednecks like you who have ruined American racing and left it in the state it's in. Can't turn right? Don't worry, we got an oval. Can't turn at all? Damn, we'll just make a dragstrip.

    It saddens me that all you guys think F1 is great motorsport.

  40. I feel what you guys are saying because Speed 2 is great! I’m a DISH Network subscriber and I can access this feature 24/7 on my Smartphone or on my computer at work. A couple of my racing fan buddies have already inquired how they can switch to DISH since I work for them (even though I’m in tech support and not in sales) and I refer them to BestTvForMe.com. This way they know how DISH compares to other major TV providers like pricing, programming and customer service. Who knows if Speed 2 will ever make it to being broadcasted on TV in the future, but in the meantime you know where it can be found.