The Monticello Motor Club in upstate New York is making a bid for the United States Grand Prix. According to Autoweek, the club’s 4.1 mile (6.59km) track has already been inspected by Formula One circuit designer, Hermann Tilke, and negotiations with F1 boss, Bernie Ecclestone, already underway... [read more]

A letter from Ari Strauss, president of the Monticello Motor Club reads:

"A few months ago, [MMC chairman] Bill McMichael and I met with Bernie Ecclestone, President/CEO of Formula One Management (FOM), and discussed the terms for an exclusive 10-year United States Grand Prix to be hosted at MMC.

Shortly thereafter, Hermann Tilke, the chief engineer and circuit designer for F1, spent time at MMC and confirmed that our track and surrounding properties, with some expansion and minor track modifications, is an excellent location for a Grand Prix.

Since receiving a letter of understanding from FOM confirming their hope to bring the U.S. Grand Prix to Monticello, Bill and I have continued to secure the backing and support of local, state, and federal politicians and organizations."

Bernie Ecclestone said earlier this year that he had no intention of brining Formula One back to Indianapolis because, “It’s all the wrong crowd and the wrong people." So with that said, it seems the Monticello Motor Club would be a far better fit for Formula One's return to the United States, wouldn't you agree?

Image: Monticello Motor Club
Info: F1Fanatic via Autoweek
Editorial: Justin W. Coffey

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