Earlier this week I was contacted by Tim Morson, a UK native who intends to visit this years Formula One test session at the Jerez Circuit in Spain. Tim was curious if we'd be interested in featuring a few of his photos from the event and was in hopes that we could secure media credentials for him.

Well, while we wait on a response from the FIA, Tim has provided us with a handful of images he took in the 1990's, all of which he has since scanned onto his computer. Included in the photos are some rather incredible shots of Formula One legends, Ayrton Senna, Jean Alesi, Ivan Capelli, Nelson Piquet and Alain Prost.

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This was a closed test in late 91. Also present for Mclaren was Roberto Moreno just after his saking from Bennetton, Jonathan Palmer and Gerhard Berger.

How fortunate I was to be at this test, late September 1991. Also present for Mclaren was Gerhard Berger, Jonathan Palmer and Roberto Moreno shortly after his dismissal from Benetton. Senna cuts off his engine to be coasted back to his box by his mechanics.

Johnny Herbert - Lotus 1992. Shot at Luffied 2 Friday practise for the 1992 British Grand Prix. During a tour of the Lotus factory in 1994, this was left for the attention for the driver. As promised it was returned fully autographed and remains in my private collection.

Nelson Piquet - Benneton 1991. Taken in the Pitlane during testing.

Jean Alesi - Ferrari 1991. Taken during a break in testing at Silverstone.

Nigel Mansell - Winner 1992 British Grand Prix. An overexcited British crowd justifiably show their enthusiasm for their sporting hero. Most of us had been at the circuit since 4am, Club corner is always the best place to be on race day. This was the best and last shot of the entire weekend.

Ayrton Senna. Senna looks over telemetry with his engineer. Silverstone 1991.

Ivan Capelli - Leyton House Silverstone 1991.

Rubens Barrichello-Stewart Ford 1997. I was working locally and was put on the guest list by an employee of Bridgestone. This was a closed test session in 1997, present were Stewart Ford, Tyrell, Arrows and Mclaren.

Ralf was there in his first season with Jordan and was good enough to pose for a picture with the ex wife and an autograph. Along with Coulthard, Jackie Stewart and Pedro Dinez who were all good enough to give us a few moments.

Mauricio Gugelmin Silverstone Tyre Test 1992. This is the first of two shots I am proud of. There was a drop down door in the mesh that the pros would use to get some good shots. The rest of us would be a few yards back so there would only be a short window of oppotunity to get the framing just right. A split second either way and the picture would be useless.

Stefano Modena Silverstone Tyre Test 1992. The second of the pair was taken at the second of the old Luffiled complex. I had the pictures enlarged and hand delivered them to Jordan Factory. I gave them my name and address and they both came back signed by the drivers. Winner.

Martin Donnelly and Mika Hakkinen Silverstone Tyre Test 1991. Photo Shoot during the tyre test of 91. This was Donnelly's first time at a circuit since he was nearly killed the previous year. This was a staged shot organised by Lotus as he was "welcoming" his replacement, Mika Hakkinen. This was published in F1 news magazine in 1992.

David Coulthard British Grand Prix 1999. This was taken at the British GP. We were given 2 guest passes from a sponsor of the Jordan Team that was a supplier of my Fathers. We were only able to keep them for 30 mins before they were to be returned to the sponsor's hospitality provider. This is a lucky "over the top " point and shoot.

Alain Prost Ferrari 1991. Shot during a tyre test at Silverstone.

For a look at more of Tim Morson's photography, click here
Be sure and stay tuned for photos from the F1 test session at Jerez... assuming all goes as planned :0

Photo/Editorial: Tim Morson


  1. wonderful nostalgic images. kinda feels different, authentic, classy and classics, love to see more of this

  2. Brendan EtheridgeJanuary 09, 2010 12:42 AM

    Great work, thanks for sharing.

  3. Fantastic photos! Alesi, Hakinnen and Coulthard look young in these images!