Loma Performance has just released a custom Corvette, they are calling the BlackForceOne. Powered by a twin-turbocharged, 794hp LS3 V8, this widebody ‘Vette is available in Stealth Matte Black, Matte White or Storm Eurofighter Matte Gray and features a handful of go-fast upgrades and aesthetic improvements. Follow the link for a bit of video and the official press release... [read more]


Alone, the name of this vehicle is already a show: C6.BlackforceOne. This raises clear memories of the geheimnissumwobene presidential Boeing Air Force One to the United States of America by Tuner Performance LOMA certainly not entirely unintentional. But when the thunder in Stealth Matt Black, White or Matte White Storm Eurofighter Matt-gray in color (special colors available upon request) turns the corner, it quickly becomes clear that it has to offer her name, and certainly deserves a lot more extroverted than a denomination… 

C6.BlackforceOne whopping two meters from the outer wheel to outer wheel width, which incidentally is based on the “normal” Corvette (original width 179 cm) and not on a Z06 or ZR1 model. Thus, it has risen about ten centimeters on each side and is very masculine, therefore.LOMA was, moreover, not until no effort to conceal the stems where the extra width, but uses a carbon fiber fender flares and carbon side skirts, the Optional be available with or without visible screws, quite the contrary, clearly staged - Racing look pure. In addition to broadening LOMA, a carbon-fiber front lip and also installed carbon fiber manufactured Heckdiffsor with a build in LED Reversing. The perspective offered by LOMA optional carbon rear wing can be slightly and disassembled. In the daytime running lights, circular rings to draw attention to itself. Front lip, rear diffuser and LED daytime running lights are the way, available for all Corvette C6 including Z06 and ZR1.  
794 hp thanks to twin turbochargers 

Exclusively reserved for C6.BlackforceOne the other hand, a twin-turbo engine conversion, which elicits from the incredible 794 hp V8 engine. Transferred via LOMA-carbon clutch, carbon-heavy-duty drive shaft (drive shaft) and a revised transmission to the rear after all, still get 675 hp, bringing the high-performance Corvette certainly only in skilled hands belongs.Accompanied by an angry roar from the LOMA Cup Super Light Sport exhaust system to catapult them grown in only 3.4 seconds and reach 330km / h. Only “330 km / h”? Yes, the LOMA puts more emphasis on acceleration in all situations, because a premium calf and voted the top speed C6.BlackforceOne accordingly. How quickly can I reach the 330 km / h was LOMA question. Speaking of voting: Under the car body is an adjustable suspension for use in the C6 extremely well with a steel frame as opposed to the Z06 and Zr1, because there the aluminum frame with coil-over suspension too much worse, with “Swing” and thus the road situation. The chassis is of course adjustable in compression and rebound. The stabilizers are frequently adjusted. The gauge of C6.BlackforceOne was increased by 8 forwards and backwards as much as 14 cm, which makes them very tired of lying on the street. For the impression of almost limitless cornering speeds are of course on the shiny black OZ Racing alloy wheels of Ultaleggera HLT sizes 10 ? 19 and 12 ? 20-inch Michelin Sport Hochleisungsreifen mounted in size 275/30/R19 and 335/25/R20 largely responsible.  

Racing technology for the road:
To oppose the brutal just such deceleration and acceleration levels to be able to installed performance LOMA optional carbon / ceramic brake system of MOV’IT involved in the stately front axle and 15.5 kg on the rear axle is still at least 10 kilograms lighter than a Z06 brake. 

Also inside the troupe put on around the LOMA-chef Mario Radosavljevic hand, created an atmosphere of technical and luxury items. Thus, the door panels are made of visible carbon fiber and have been part of the cockpit rectangles covered with Alcantara. From 300 different types of leather C6.BlackforceOne can select a customer. The 34 centimeter in diameter sport steering wheel with Alcantara insert is flattened at the bottom, the revised seats with shoulder reinforcement are only half as thick as the series of stalls. A special foam allows you to travel in these athletic yet comfortable armchairs and langstreckentauglich too. Keep all electrical functions and the functionality of all airbags preserved. 

Limited Edition:
The C6.BlackforceOne are strictly manufactured in a limited edition of 25 copies, all vehicles are numbered and come with full warranty. At the spectacular engine conversion LOMA granted an additional guarantee of 12 months. Prices for a complete vehicle start at 190.000 euro. 

If you want to experience live the monster: From 28 Zum 06 November to December is seen at the Essen Motor Show (Hall 6, Booth 215) for sale! 

Images & Info: 0-60 Magazine

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