CTD's Neil Tozer decided short oval racing was the order of the day after the mornings GP viewing and made the short journey to the Hampshire Venue. With 3 months to go before the National Hot Rod World Final at Ipswich, the English Championship took to the oval at Aldershot guaranteeing the crowd plenty of close quarter action as always... [read more]

This was the first time the'"Premier' UK Series has visited the now reborn tarmac at Aldershot since it was effectively resurrected from the ashes of the original circuit.

Uk National Hot Rods are the pinnacle of oval racing in the UK. The chassis of a modern National Hot Rod is constructed completely of tubular steel of varying thickness and diameter. Strict rules specify the roll cage spec and certain aspects of the chassis, but some parts are still left to the constructor’s ingenuity. The chassis - or spaceframe as it is sometimes called - is the backbone of the car. It supports the engine and drivetrain, as well as all the suspension. Engines are 16V 2-liter units developing between 220-240bhp.

As usual the 'Stars' of the sport are forced to come through the field after taking up the rear grid positions. Current World ChampioN, Carl Boardley, was quick to make ground in the heats only to be taken out near the end of both his heats.

With the quickest drivers starting at the back, this is an all action afternoon. Sitting on the exit of a turn is an exhilarating experience, and while the obligatory debris fence is there, you can basically stand right up against it just about six feet from the action. Be warned though! Sunglasses are the order of the day as rather a lot of tyre debris is constantly being thrown straight in your face.

The Short Oval Sport in the UK is often frowned upon by purists, but believe me at this level it is serious stuff.

Roll on July and the World Final at Swaffam Raceway where the English and Irish Series along with some European entries do battle for the World Crown.

photo/editorial: Neil Tozer

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