Garth Stein // On Being Optimistic

With a lack of opposable thumbs and a improperly fashioned tongue, Enzo's frustrations seem justified. But then again, what can a dog expect out of life? A lab terrier mix, Enzo is the faithful companion of one Denny Swift. Husband of Eve and father to their daughter Zoe, Swift is hanging it all on the line in order to pursue a racing career, and Enzo is riding shotgun. Rough patches are in the future and Swift will find Enzo to be his most steadfast supporter, though a bit silent. While waiting for his life as a dog to draw to a close, Enzo reflects on his life and the life of his friend Swift, all while waiting to be reborn a man. A brilliant piece of fiction, put to paper by a Seattle native, The Art of Racing in the Rain takes you on a philosophical journey through purpose and pleasure. A great companion for us here in the Northwest, as we may find more rainy days at the track then sunny, author Garth Stein provides a bit of comedy in an otherwise dreary situation. The staff here at ColdTrackDays devoured this book from cover to cover and look forward to future works by our fellow Seattle resident // 06.03.2008

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