Subiefest isn't just a regular event, it's our event. That is, our crew produces it. Every year we try to ratchet up the awesome, and this year I had what I though was a great last-minute idea: Formula D star Stephan Verdier was schedule to come out and show off his Drifto antics in a modified RWD Subaru STI - well, what if I provided myself as an obstacle? I mean, anyone can slide a car back-and-forth on a narrow track. But to get a car full-on sideways with someone blocking half the track? That certainly take a bit more than your average helping of skill.

In addition to this craziness, the video includes a walk-around of Mike McGuinness' Best in Show WRX Wagon, Ali Afshar's 1000hp WRX demo and more.

Video and Editorial courtesy of Ryan Douthit and Driving Sports // [comment]

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