Thinking back tonight with a few beers, I remembered the first Rally my late father took me to which was the RAC Rally in 1977.

The RAC, which dated back to before the war, was a fearsome test of man and machine taking place over five whole days and nights with stages right around the UK. Crews would have to endure a timetable that left little time for sleep and often conditions in the North of England would see ice and snow, especially around the fantastic stages in Kielder.

I was only eleven at the time and I can remember seeing the late great Roger Clark with the glorious sound of his Escort RS1800 BDA ringing around the forests at dawn. This event really puts the modern WRC events to shame, and one wonders how some of todays stars would have coped.

Anyway enough of my ramblings, follow the link for a list of drivers that can be seen in this great footage from the 1977 event... [read more]

Drivers in the video (in order of appearence)
1 - Roger Clark (Ford Escort RS1800)
4 - Pentti Airikkala (Vauxhall Chevette 2300)
5 - Björn Waldegard (Ford Escort RS1800)
7 - Sandro Munari (Lancia Stratos HF)
8 - Hannu Mikkola (Toyota Celica)
9 - Ari Vatanen (Ford Escort RS1800)
29 - Brian Culcheth (Triumph TR7)
23 - Russell Brookes (Ford Escort RS1800)
70 - David Thompson (Ford Escort RS1800)
26 - Andy Dawson (Ford Escort RS1800)
24 - Tony Pond (Triumph TR7)
40 - Graham Elsmore (Ford Escort RS2000)
20 - Kyösti Hämäläinen (Ford Escort RS1800)

Video: Neil Tozer/YouTube
Editorial: Neil Tozer


  1. One of the greatest bits of footage of vintage rally that I've seen. Fantastic!! I especially love the Celicas and Escorts.

  2. WRC I don't think they could handle it to say the least!