Earlier this year, when Brian Scotto of 0-60 Magazine travelled to Norway in search of car culture, I was rather confused. Isn't it a bit cold... and dark? But what I didn't know, what Brian had dug up on the internet, is an automotive festival of unprecedented proportions.

Known as the Gatebil Festival, this Scandinavian motorsport event is like Formula DRIFT, the Redline Time Attack Series and the NOPI Nationals all in one. Held at the Rudskogen Motorsenter in Norway, the most recent Gatebil event took place this past September and saw a huge turnout of European, American and Japanese 'race' cars.

After a bit of searching, we came across the photostream of Tommy Nergard, a Norwegian photographer and motorsport enthusiast. I contacted Tommy to see if he'd be interested in showcasing a few of his photos here on ColdTrackDays, to which he replied yes. So with that said, follow the link for a few photos from one of the most interesting, and I am sure entertaining, motorsport festivals in the world... [read more]

For additional information on the 2009 Gatebil Festival, click here

Photo: Tommy Nergard
Editorial: Justin W. Coffey

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  1. That looks like a fantastic event!! I must say that I approve of any event that has drifting turbocharged Volvos and monster Audi Quattros. :)

    Great photos Tommy!