Due to their dismal efforts in F1 these past few years, it has been rumored that Ferrari was looking to shift their motorsport funding towards the 24 Hours of Le Mans. And while the Italian automaker is well represented at the Circuit de la Sarthe (Risi Competizione and Advanced Engineering both campaign a pair of F430 GTs), they have not had a factory backed effort since 1973, with Luigi Chinetti's North American Racing Team (NART) collecting Ferrari's final victory at Le Mans in 1965. So is this the new Ferrari LMP1 entry? We're not sure. But from the looks of it, and knowing what Ferrari is willing to do to win, it certainly could be.

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Image(s): AngryCarDesigner
Editorial: Justin W. Coffey


  1. this thing is beautiful and the result of the creative expertise of Sasha Selipanov, a designer with the VW group in germany. here's a link to his blog post for this project:


  2. Since seeing almost anything out of that car would be impossible, I don't see them building such a thing. That front wing doesn't look very LMP-legal/logical either. Tire aspect ratio is all wrong, etc.

    Really, the faux concept car rumor thing is so 1980s. Please rise above, Cold Track Days.

  3. LOL

    of course that's not the latest Ferrari LMP1.

    It's about as much LMP1 as I am Italian.

  4. Ugly. DIAF, thx.

  5. GinettaBarchettaJune 08, 2010 1:37 PM

    Yeah, it's not officially from Ferrari, but who cares if it is this beautiful! By far the most inspiring design project I've seen this year! Cool idea to take F1 aero for a LMP and that side flank is pure sex...

  6. I think they should put a factory effort into the GT2 class(ala BMW) as it is a more relevant class now. However, if they pursue LMP1 - I hope we get a gorgeous, modern 512.

  7. In my first look at it I thought it might be a “photoshop” construct, but the closer I looked at it it showed some interesting thinking.

    I like the front captured air plenum around the front wheel wells; it looks functional with accelerated slats that also look like laminar flow breaker uppers, keep a good bit of airflow, although burbled up of the well plenum, gives it an opportunity to re=attach itself to the upper “mid-body” on the sides, and keeps its kinetic energy ready for additional use.

    I don't like the ruling on having a “movable” front wing element is cheesy. Either allow the aero-designer sufficient latitude, but throwing in a $2000 per CFD exercise or about the same to run up the fans and the rolling road in the wing tunnel... or get off the pot.

    Some that have import into these suggestions should be given unfettered access to the track, have a young track birdy given him for the event and promptly ignored.

    The side view screams Formula One Ferrari. It looks like it takes the initially confused air coming off of the front, and it looks like it has a coherent method to regain it, straighten it out and put it back to work.

    The rear aero works looks like it got the Lion's share of the thinking. The Diffuser looks at present to be the “ Mother of all Diffusers”, worldwide. The airflow off of the upper and side of the major body section looks to be “balanced” optimally between the side/top region; keeping it as reattached as possible, and the feed air over the top of the body work, looking like it's being channeled not over the top of the bodywork, but it looks like it fuels two ducks (or channels); one that brings that trying to be turbulent air smoothly off the car and more importantly, feeding a gross charge of air for the diffuser.

    It could be just a guy with superior Photoshop capability, but to me, it looks like a well thought out Modena inspiration.

  8. Ugly, not functionnal at all.

    I don't understand how people can find this beautiful. It looks like the work of a 10y old kid takking design clues from an f1 car and putting them randomly on a closed car shape.

  9. I thought more car parts = the slower the car will be...isn't this suppose to be a race car?

  10. Yeah, it's not officially from Ferrari, but who cares if it is this beautiful! By far the most inspiring design project I've seen this year! Cool idea to take F1 aero for a LMP and that side flank is pure sex...

  11. absolutly Beautiful, hopefully this car can beat those Audis and Puegeots. Then the Scuderia can have winners in 2 classes, the car looks like a winner just sitting there