Ever present but often unnoticed, Suixtil was once the premiere motor racing clothier, with everyone from Sterling Moss (above) to Juan Manuel Fangio choosing to wear their azure-blue racing pant coated in a Borax solution that made them slightly fire-retardant. Although successful, the company fell into disarray sometime in the 1960's and disappeared, seemingly unnoticed.

The brand, an extension of the passion many feel for motorsport, has since been revived by a group of European entrepreneurs based in Hong Kong. Now offering a full line of motorsport apparel, including their much anticipated Heritage Line (sans Borax), Suixtil is poised to make a comeback... [read more]

The Rio Polo, offered in aluminum grey or light yellow with engraved mother of pearl loop buttons and the red Suixtil embroidery ($75)

The Silverstone Jacket, available in beige with suede trim, horn buttons, jacquard lining and featuring a water and stain repellent coating ($280)

Mt Ventoux 1958 - Behra, Barth, Von Trips, and von Haustein all wearing the infamous Suixtil azure-blue racing pant.

1952 - Simon, Manzon, and Tornquist wearing the original Suixtil polo shirt.

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Editorial: Justin W. Coffey
Images and Info: Vincent Metais


  1. This stuff looks great! Its about time someone revived this brand. I remember seeing photos from my fathers visits to europe in the 60's and remember seeing some Suixtil stuff on a few of the race drivers. Very Cool!

  2. Is this stuff for sale anywhere in the US?

  3. You can purchase it through their online store and it should ship to the states...

  4. I recently purchased one of their polo shirts. Great fit, great find. Love to wear it a the race track! Highly recomended.

  5. Hello there,
    We do gladly express ship online orders to the States (they get there in between 3 and 5 days) and do not yet have brick and mortar coverage of the US yet (we are actively pursuing some at the moment but it might still be a while and will certainly not be -at least at first- extensive enough to cover such a big territory, though he upside could be a nice drive day...).
    Hoping to see you at the online store -at life speed!

    Vincent Metais
    Suixtil Ltd.