The above photograph, taken at the Tempest Rally by ColdTrackDays correspondent, Neil Tozer, is but one example of the dedication, determination and daring exemplified by photographers who choose to shoot rally racing.

In the video featured below, watch as Neil and one other photographer in the landing area are, as Neil puts it, "rather risking it, all in the name of art!"

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Images and Info: Neil Tozer
Editorial: Justin W. Coffey


  1. pretty bloody stupid place to stand IMO, and i was there! talk about giving rally photographers a bad name!! tw@

  2. Well if you were there then you might appreciate that that spot is really no more dangerous than the other side as proved by a rather wayward Imprezza down the field. Try working an event for a regional paper and having your shot blocked by all and sundrie and you might just understand why a clear shot has to be sought. Oh and nice language by the way.

  3. Wow. That looks really dangerous!

  4. so you'd rather be in a more dangerous spot to get a clear image, whereas from your side you got an image with people and the fence in the background, whereas the side the rest of us were on got a perfectly clean background! hope your regional paper were happy, i prefer my clear background!

    being blocked, simples really, arrive early and stake out your place, not last minute and jump the road!

    cracking clear shot! haha

  5. Believe me I did arrive early but some people in their wisdom decided to tear down the taped off area that the organising club puts up each year which consequently meant all manner of elbows etc were blocking a clear shot from people arriving much later. As signed on for the event if I wanted to enter that(Non Spectator)stage then I had every right to and I certainly do not need to explain myself to anyone certainly not you. Don't worry I have more than enough of both angles from both sides with and without as you put it "Clean" backgrounds. You just stick to your photography forum's bullshit.

  6. Personally I think the crowd adds to this picture!