In 1968, British automaker Marcos built a racing car they dubbed the Mantis XP.

Designed by Dennis Adams, the car was built with the intention of competing against the Ford 3L and the Ferrari P4 at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Mid-engined, the Mantis XP featured a wooden chassis and was fitted with a Brabham Repco V8... [read more]

While the Mantis XP never managed to race at Le Mans, it did make a single apperance at Spa in 1968. It was later converted to road car by Jem Marsh and refitted with a Buick V8. Shortly thereafter the Mantis XP was sold to a stateside owner due to issues with purchase taxes.

In the video featured above, ride shotgun in the Marcos Mantis XP as it takes part in the Marcos Cars 50th Anniversary Rally at Prescott Speed Hill Climb.

For additional information on the Marcos Mantis XP, click here

A big thanks to Derek Dicker for shedding some light on this incredible piece of engineering!

Images and Info: MarcosCars.net

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  1. I've only seen one photo of this car before I had know idea how radical the side view was with the glass door. Thanks for posting :-)