According to my friends, my obsession with the Porsche 356 has gone far enough. Having walked, no, make that ran, nearly four blocks trying to catch a 356 owner as he made his way down Queen Anne Ave., only to find out his Porsche was nothing more than a VW Beetle with a fiberglass 356 shell on top, I decided they might be right. But whatever the case, there are few cars as appealing as a bathtub Porsche. At least in my opinion... [read more]

So with that said, enjoy this bit of Eye Candy featuring a fabulous Porsche 356 coupe as it is (un)loaded at an unknown racing circuit. Also, do note the Nurburgring and 'Go Hard or Go Home' decals on the decklid. Perfect

Photo: BulgogiBrothers
Editorial: Justin W. Coffey

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