For this weeks Domestic Indulgence, I thought we'd take a look at one of my all-time favorite racing cars, the Group 4 DeTomaso Pantera. Now, I know this isn't exactly domestic in the traditional sense, but seeing as how the Pantera was powered by a blue-oval, it is about as domestic as the new Saabs.

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Powered by a 5.7-liter, 351 c.i. V8, the Group 4 DeTomaso Pantera produced around 440hp at 7000rpm. However, this was soon increased to 470hp for the 1972 Le Mans race, where the GT4 Pantera's ran nearly 190mph down the Mulsanne Straight. The engine was mated to a ZF close ratio five-speed gearbox, with a heavy duty single plate clutch completing the mechanical upgrades.

Aesthetic and aerodynamic improvements came in the way of fibreglass wheelarch extensions, which were pop-riveted on to the body in order to accomodate the wide Campagnolo wheels. No bumpers were installed and the GT4 Pantera tipped the scales at a mere 2755lbs.

The first of 14 cars was completed on December 12th 1971, with the last chassis rolling out little more than a year later on December 22nd 1972. The racing debut of the GT4 Pantera did not come until the Montlhery Grand Prix, held in April of 1972. From there, Group 4 Pantera's went onto win the 1000-kilometre World Manufacturers Championship race's at Monza, Spa and the Osterreichring.

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Editorial: Justin W. Coffey
Photo: LoudpopVoyager

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