NEWS // ALSONO ADVISED TO LET KUBICA PASSAccording to FIA race director, Charlie Whiting, Ferrari was told three times that Fernando Alonso should have let Robert Kubica pass during last weekends British Grand Prix. Alonso, who finished 14th, was given a drive-through penalty at Silverstone after overtaking Kubica when his Ferrari was forced off track. The penalty was given nine laps after Alonso passed Kubica, however Whiting said Ferrari was advised to let Kubica through immediately, but that the team decided against it... [read more]

In an interview with Autosprint magazine, Whiting was quoted as saying:

"We told Ferrari three times that in my opinion they should give the position back to Kubica,"

"And we told them that immediately, right after the overtaking manoeuvre. On the radio, I suggested to them that if they exchange position again, there would be no need for the stewards to intervene.

"But they didn't do that and on the third communication they said that Kubica was by then too far back to let him regain the position.

"It's not true at all that the stewards took too long to decide. For us the facts were clear immediately: Alonso had gained an advantage by cutting the track."

Ferrari team principal, Stefano Domenicali, said the team did not ask Alonso to let Kubica pass because it did not feel their driver had gained an advantage.

"He tried to be aggressive to overtake, and we complained the drivers not to be aggressive and we complain about the lack of overtaking, and so at that stage, we felt as we normally do at that moment that we need to go on the radio with race control to check what is the position," Domenicali said.

"And normally, we take the right time to discuss with race control to make the judgement, and the moment when race control give us the instruction to give back the position to Robert, it was clear that Robert had already lost a lot of time - effectively he had a problem and he came back. That is the situation we analysed.

"You can have a situation where immediately there is a possibility to give back the position to a driver if you feel that there is really an advantage that you gain. On our side we felt that was not the case otherwise we would have done it."

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Info: Autosport
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