In the past, we have tended to stay away from the world of NASCAR, but considering that ColdTrackDays is dedicated to reporting on motorsport news and culture from around the world, it is hard to ignore the most popular form of motorsport in America. There are some that are of the opinion that NASCAR is not “real racing” but I question their reasoning and whether they have even experienced an event in person. What is “real-racing” anyway? Personally I have always wanted to see what a top class NASCAR event is like and what better way to experience this than at the first road race of the 2010 Sprint Cup season... [read more]

The track, Infineon Raceway, has been around since the late sixties and has hosted a round of the top stock car series for a number of years now. Built on the rolling hills in the middle of California’s wine country, the track is constantly twisting and changing elevation. This is a challenging course for even the best GT racer, let alone a heavy stock car designed mainly for turning in a single direction.

On Thursday the teams arrive and get their equipment set up. The trailers are works of art, chrome and flashy colors are the name of the game here.

The NASCAR fan base is incredibly huge. People come from all over the country to support their favorite drivers such as Tony Stewart.

…and of course, Ricky Bobby.

The setting sun shines brilliantly over the hillside illuminating the grandstands and pit complex. With the little taste I got today, I’m getting the feeling that this will be quite a show come race day. I can’t wait for what tomorrow will bring when the cars take to the track for practice.

Images and Editorial: Camden Thrasher


  1. All the pictures are great, but that last one is epic -- Great Job! I was just there myself for the Historics and this facility has really grown up. Have fun at the races!


  2. Agreed. The last photo is superb.