I thought I had seen every bit of film shot during the Trans-Am era, endlessly scouring YouTube channels and video store shelves, watching anything and everything related to what I feel was the greatest era in motorsport. Apparently I was wrong.

Featured below is not some exclusive, never before seen footage. What it is, is a look at the late 1960's, at the people and places that defined the SCCA's Trans-Am series, at the excitement, the interest and the enthusiasm that is, in my opinion, non-existent these days.

That said however, with the resurgence of American made muscle cars in racing series like the Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge, the SCCA's World Challenge and the GRAND-AM Rolex Sports Car Series, I have to admit, it seems like we've come full circle... [read more]

Photo: Terry Frye
Editorial: Justin W. Coffey

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  1. Awesome bits of film! Really, really great post. I feel like I could go back in time to the mid and late 1960s and fit right in. Pack a bag with my Vans Classics, Ray Ban Wayfarers, plain tees and oxford button downs, and my skinny jeans, and talk shop about 911s, Camaros, Mustangs, the Stones and the Beatles! :)