The other day, while watching the first race of the 2010 IndyCar Series, my buddy Ted Anthony Jr. and I were discussing the state of open-wheel racing here in the states. As I mentioned yesterday, we agreed that Laguna Seca would be the perfect venue should Formula One ever return to America. Ted then suggested I watch a YouTube video known simply as "The Pass."

Filmed during the final round of the 1996 CART PPG Indy Car World Series, watch as Alex Zanardi makes a last lap pass of race leader Bryan Herta as the pair run through the infamous 'corkscrew' // [comment]


  1. Zanardi put all 4 tires over the rumble strip on the right hander at the bottom of the corkscrew. In fact, Zanardi is an entire car width inside the rumble strip. Isn't that considered cutting the course, i.e. worthy of a penalty and a reversal of the position?

  2. No way anonymous. That was sheer class. That's the stuff you want to see!

  3. I've always thought Laguna Seca would be an awesome track for Formula 1! And it would be super close to me! The track is too short, though, for F1 standards, though.