Although its name is lifted from a children’s book, the Trespassers Wil and 100 Acre Woods Rally are far from child’s play. This two day event held in the gorgeous Mark Twain forest draws teams from all over the country, from rally rookies to the factory teams of Subaru and Ford... [read more]

Weather can swing from snow and ice to dry loose gravel on the same day mere miles apart. The roads are fast, punishing and challenging while providing both drivers and spectators thrills and excitement through day and night.

Every motorsport fan has their “home event” they never miss….this is mine. I’ve spectated, helped organize, volunteered, co-driven and driven this fantastic event over the years and it never gets old.

The committee that sweats the details for this event are true enthusiasts and it shows from the stages to the party at the end.

Please stay tuned to ColdTrackDays for the action, drama and beauty that is the Rally America Trespassers Wil/ 100 Acre woods Rally!

Photo/Editorial: Shawn Manny

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