Adrian Sutil has made a rather bold comment regarding the current state of Formula One. According to F1Fanatic, Sutil told the Times of India, "Abu Dhabi was one of the most perfect circuits I have driven on, and the most boring as well. It was just straight and really, really boring. But I probably cannot say anything bad about it for it’s safe, like what all modern circuits should be."

Feeling as though the current F1 calendar has but a few challenging circuits, the German driver voiced his opinion in hopes that the team working on the 2011 Indian Grand Prix would take his and other drivers opinions into consideration ahead of the new circuits completion... [read more]

Sutil went on to say, "The majority of the drivers feel this way. Of course there are a few who like the way it is, safe. There will always be different opinions about it but most of them would say there can be some changes in the circuits.

Everyone loves driving because there is thrill in it. If it was not dangerous, maybe so many drivers would not be doing it. Maybe there are certain risks in it but if you don’t take those risks, it would get boring. Circuits are getting too safe and driving is not so nice anymore.

Personally speaking, I’m just not getting that thrill. There is a wall in the corner and you have got to take it easy or you would ram into it. Formula One is dangerously fast and is all about speed. That’s why it’s interesting and we should keep it like that."

Sutil's comments go against the current ideals of F1's brass, which is to ensure more overtaking while simultaneously increasing safety. This is accomplished by racing on circuits that feature lengthy straights followed by narrow hairpin turns.

And while I would agree with Sutil that the current crop of F1 circuits are a bit cookie-cutter in nature, the increased safety measures do not need to sedate the excitement on track. What Formula One needs is not a loosened safety policy, but variety. More street circuits. A rotating schedule of race tracks that might eliminate some of the Abu Dhabi like, fast in-slow out, race circuits we have become accustom to these past few years...

Editorial: Justin W. Coffey
Photo: Autoblog
Info: F1Fanatic

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  1. Ask Rubens if he feels it's too safe... I'm sure he has no desire to relive that weekend at Imola!!