Part 2 will continue where we left off during Part 1. Here are some more of my favourite shots from 2009.

This is one of the most difficult shot I've taken, because rally cars only passes by once, and if you missed the shot, it's gone. That's why these kind of slow shutter speed rally shots are very rare. This photo of Rifat Sungkar from Indonesia is 10 percent skill, and 90 percent luck! Really! I had to toss all of the previous shots of the earlier 5 cars that passed by!... [read more]

The Dunlop SARD SC430 approaching Turn 4 at the Sepang International Circuit.

This one is specially dedicated to the Porsche lover. The 997 GT3 RSR under the dim sunlight.

The intensity, the action, with many things happening all at once. Although pitstop is not one of the most important aspect of endurance racing, the adrenaline rush is still there. There are not many opportunity to photograph a pitstop action, because at a certain events photographers aren't allowed access to the pitlane during the race.

Formula Drift Malaysia, final tandem battle between local favourite Tengku Djan and Thailand's Sak Nana Kiki.

The spectacular Mosler GTR at the main straight of the Sepang International Circuit.

Toni Elias from the San Carlo Honda Gresini team. MotoGP Round 16.

He's missing a door! I suspect that someone bumped him from the side but we photographers rarely had a clue of what's happening on the other parts of the track. GT3 Asia, Sepang International Circuit.

Time to hit the track, as dark clouds gather above the Sepang International Kart Circuit. The Red White Sangari Invitational Kart prix 2009.

Night racing. Nothing quite like it. The ambience, the atmosphere and the lighting. Absolutely fantastic.

A photo tells a story. It should gives the audience a sense of being there, the sense of witnessing the action with their own eyes. For anybody that's never been to Sepang before, hopefully this photo will give a glimpse of what racing at the Sepang International Circuit looks like. Yes, it is not a Monaco, a Spa or a Suzuka. Unfortunately, no Herman Tilke track will be. Enjoy the ride as the Lexus Team Kraft's SC430 negotiates Turn 3 in the drizzling rain, with the Malaysian flag and K1 grandstand in the background.

Reflections of lights on the track. Only happens when it rains. The Raybrig Honda NSX ahead of the HIS Advan Kondo GT-R.

This is another lucky shot, with the flash from the crowd flashing at the right time.

The final photo is of the Mosler GTR making it's way before dawn during the 12 Hour Millennium Merdeka Endurance Race.

And that concludes some of my favourite 2009 photos in a nutshell. Hoping for a better year in 2010! With ColdTrackDays upgrading to a newer and cooler design and layout, I'd have to say I'm really excited about the prospect of it's future project. Gotta do more coverage this year. Stay tuned for more!

Photo/Editorial: Anas Zakaria


  1. Superb photos, Anas!! Great work.

  2. Brilliant stuff

  3. Pitstops are extremely important in endurance racing. Ask Audi about 2008 at Le Mans. Pretty much sealed the win for them. I don't know what gave you the crazy idea they weren't important....

  4. Yeah, sorry for that...what i meant was that it's not as crucial compared to F1 or any other sprint races. Okay, maybe very important, but not as crucial as F1. :)

  5. Just finished watching Truth in 24. That was awesome. I guess i'd have to change my opinion, superb pitstop strategy definitely won them the race. Hats off to Audi!