For the past few weeks, we @ColdTrackDays have looked forward to monday morning with loads of anticipation and a bit of anxiety. While there are plenty of well equipped, properly tuned and track ready MX5's on the internet, it's always difficult to decide which cars to feature on Miata Monday.

That being said, one thing has remained constant on monday morning, the type of photos we feature. Often highlighting the cars stance, its aesthetic appeal, or exterior improvements, we have, I admit, neglected what many would consider the most important part of any car, its heart. Maybe it's because the Miata is not known for its power. Because the Miata is known first for its ability to handle a corner and second for its affordability, not for the gobs of power its 1.6(8)-liter inline four produces. But that is not the case with the MX5 featured above. Add a turbocharger, a big turbocharger, additional cooling, a high flow intake and proper plumbing, and you have just turned a tame roadster into a fire breathing monster! We approve // [comment]

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