This car was pretty much my daily driver, auto-x car and B-road weekend barnstormer from June 2001 to June 2008. Yes, I actually owned and drove this car for 7 years! She went through three full sets of wheels (one of which was stolen), two engines (one of which suffered from the infamous short nose crank failure) and four clutch slave cylinders. She was crashed twice by me thanks to my lack of skills behind the wheel (!), was stolen and recovered (and subsequently never reported so the title was always clean), and was pretty much the most brilliant and telepathic car I've driven when everything was working properly!

Modifications as seen in the photo include; Chaparral 15" wheels, Koni Yellow shocks, Ground Control height adjustable coilovers with Eibach springs, factory hardtop and black windshield frame and a Momo Monte Carlo steering wheel (made in Italy in 1992!)

The picture is from my P&S days and is pretty straightforward, but I think it works :)

- Robert Carrier

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