ColdTrackDays correspondent Larry Chen spent all of last weekend at the racetrack. To start things off, Just Drift and the California Highway Patrol hosted their annual Drifting Toy Drive at Willow Springs International Raceway, where drivers donate a toy and get to drift, practically for free!

The next event of the weekend was the second annual Grip Day 2 Time Attack, an event put on by Drift Day. Held at The Streets of Willow Springs, the conditions weren't ideal for a track day, as the winds kicked up to 50mph and the ambient temperature reached 40 degrees.

According to Larry, "It definitely was a cold track day!... at least for Southern California"

Follow the link for photos from both events... [read more]

Featured below are two very different cars. One a track ready Mazda Miata owned and operated by our good friend, Sean Jay. The other, a Lotus Elise, a car otherwise built to do exactly what it can be seen doing, running flat out around a racing circuit. Not exactly a pair of cars one would expect to see battling it out around Willow Springs. But Sean isn't exactly your average guy and his Miata isn't exactly your average MX-5 roadster :)

In the video featured below, watch as our friend Sean does battle with this orange Elise, keeping pace with the mid-engined sports car through the lefts and rights. And while the Lotus has more power down the straightaway, Sean never looses sight of the Lotus and manages put plenty of pressure on its owner.

Photo: Larry Chen
Video: Sean Jay
Editorial: Justin W. Coffey


  1. Great photos Larry! It looks like both events were awesome!

  2. great pics larry. thanks for the kind words justin ;)