It is cold outside. Okay, maybe not the Hoth-like landscape some of you in the midwest are accustom to come winter, but for us here in the northwest, anything below freezing is considered deadly! And with the last few days reaching well into the sub-freezing category, the effort and energy necessary to go outside has been, well, absent. So while I sit at home, working on what has become a seemingly endless pile of paperwork, I decided to dig out my rather large collection of Tamiya F1 models... [read more]

Purchased by my father some time in the 1990's, I have never managed to put one of these together. Sitting quietly in my closet, collecting dust, these Tamiya models, which for those of you that don't know are unbelievably complicated, are a subtle reminder that I have but little free time.

That however, is all about to change...

With more than a few weeks of rather cold and uncomfortable weather ahead of us, not to mention the holidays, I have decided to built at least one of these models. I will document the progress here @ColdTrackDays and will post pictures of the build on our Facebook Fan Page as well as our Flickr Photostream.

All that being said, the real question is which model to build?! Any suggestions?

Let me know which model you think I should build in the comment section below.

Photo/Editorial: Justin W. Coffey


  1. 1992: Michael Schumacher
    1997: Michael Schumacher
    1990: Ayrton Senna
    1990: Riccardo Patrese
    1991: Satoru Nakajima

    All identified by it's respective car numbers

  2. I vote for the Lotus 25 or the Honda.

  3. Hi! you're very lucky, you have those nice kits just sitting there. i'm also building one but still on the collecting stages of paints and other materials since not all paints and tools are available here. enjoy building