Few things are more unruly than a rear engined sports car. The additional weight in the rear lending it self to tail slides and for those unfamiliar with its layout, a sense that things could go seriously wrong at any moment. So when I came across this video of a gentleman driving his Alpine Renault A310 flat out through small European villages and onto a narrow mountain pass, I had to share the experience... [read more]

Developed by Alpine in 1971, the A310 was restyled by Robert Opron in 1976 and was fitted with the newly-developed 90 degree 2.7-liter V6 PRV engine. Like the De Lorean DMC-12, which also utilized the PRV engine, the A310's motor was mounted longitudinally in the rear and was connected to a 5-speed manual gearbox. With 149hp on tap, the A310 was Renault's most powerful automobile and would be used in a handful of motorsport events during its 13 year production run.

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