Following the completion of James Glickenhaus’ Pininfarina Ferrari 612 P4/5, which Mr.Glickenhaus had commisioned for $4 million dollars, rumors began filling the forums suggesting that a race car was to be built out of the P4/5. However, those rumors have since been silenced, when Glickenhaus posted to a thread on FerrariChat, telling everyone he had no intention of racining his one-off P4/5, and instead would commision yet another car in order to go racing. And while no details have been released, there are more than 20 pages of Q&A with Glickenhaus on FerrariChat, giving us some idea of what’s to come... [read more]

According to the FerrariChat forums, Glickenhaus’ new P4/5 Competizione will not be based on the Enzo/FXX/MC chassis and will instead be based on a ‘standard’ Ferrari chassis and will be powered by a V8, not a V12 like his Pininfarina Ferrari 612 P4/5.

According to the thread, engineering on the car has already begun and it is scheduled to make it racing debut at next years Nurburgring 24 Hour race. Racing in an open class that allows one-off chassis, Glickenhaus’ P4/5 race car will be an example of engineering and excess. Stay tuned!

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